Xi Jinpings speech at the special summit to outline the direction of Sino African Relations

 Xi Jinpings speech at the special summit to outline the direction of Sino African Relations

In the process of fighting the epidemic, China and Africa have demonstrated their brotherhood through practical actions. Li Hongfeng, Dean of the school of Africa, Beijing Foreign Studies University, said that China will continue to fully support Africas anti epidemic actions. This commitment effectively responds to the needs of African countries, will provide strong support for Africas anti epidemic efforts, and make important contributions to ensuring the life safety and health of African people. In the face of the great test of the epidemic situation, the Chinese and African people are more determined to stand together and work together to overcome the difficulties. It is necessary for China and Africa to strengthen anti epidemic cooperation to promote the high-level development of China Africa comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation.

Li Wentao, deputy director of the China Institute of international relations, said that the four unwavering principles emphasized by President Xi Jinping are very pertinent. At present, the epidemic is still spreading around the world, with obvious uncertainty. As the continent with the most concentration of developing countries, the public health system of African countries is relatively weak. China helps African countries build a strong defense line to safeguard peoples life safety and health, and further enriches the connotation of building a China Africa community of common destiny. .

According to Zhang Jianping, director of the West Asia and Africa Research Institute of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, China and Africa give each other the most valuable support and help in time in the face of the sudden outbreak. After the severe test of the epidemic, I believe that mutual trust between China and Africa as a comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation will be further enhanced, and the all-round cooperation will reach a new height.

Support the practical measures of African countries to return to work and production, and play a positive role in promoting the economic recovery of African countries and maintaining the stability of global industrial chain supply chain

One belt, one road, is to work together to accelerate the implementation of the Beijing summit. President Xi Jinping has put forward a series of important initiatives and proposals, which are in line with the needs of both sides to promote the prevention and control of disease and economic and social development, and have played an important leading role in the world.

President Xi Jinping pointed out the way forward for practical cooperation between China and Africa under the situation of epidemic prevention and control. Vice president of China International Institute of one belt, one road, said that China and Africa should strengthen cooperation in two aspects of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. In particular, the joint efforts to build a major project of one belt and one road will help reduce the impact of the epidemic on the African economy. China promises to take the lead in benefiting African countries after the new crown vaccine is developed and put into use. This shows that China is concerned about the health and well-being of African people and sincerely helps African countries to fight the epidemic. It is foreseeable that strengthening cooperation in public health between China and Africa will be an important part of implementing the outcome of the Beijing summit of China Africa Cooperation Forum.

According to Li Xinfeng, executive vice president of the Chinese Academy of African Studies, Chinas accelerated resumption of work and production has injected confidence and momentum into the recovery of economic activities in African countries. African countries strive to promote the resumption of work and production, and also provide stable market demand for expanding cooperation with China. We will support African countries practical measures to resume work and production, and play a positive role in promoting economic recovery in African countries and maintaining the stability of the global industrial chain supply chain.

Zhang Jianping believes that the one hand, one belt, one road to promote the Sino African Cooperation Forum, which will fully bring about the real benefits of the Beijing summit. For example, Mombasa Nairobi railway has played a huge role in promoting Kenyas economic and social development. During the period of fighting against the epidemic, the freight transportation of Mombasa Nairobi railway remained unimpeded, providing a strong guarantee for the transportation of anti epidemic materials in Kenya.

Li Wentao said that at present, digital economy, new infrastructure and other new industries are widely concerned, which will also be a new growth point of China Africa economic and trade cooperation. China has more mature products and technical advantages in these fields, and Africa has a huge market demand. Thanks to the live delivery activity of Chinas video website, Rwandas unsalable coffee was second lit as soon as it went online, which surprised African farmers. Under the framework of FOCAC, China Africa economic and trade cooperation will usher in more opportunities.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most serious public health emergencies since the end of the Second World War. In the face of new opportunities and challenges, China and Africa need more cooperation than ever before. President Xi Jinping once again stressed that solidarity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon against the epidemic. Domestic experts said that strengthening China Africa anti epidemic cooperation is conducive to promoting international anti epidemic cooperation, safeguarding the common interests of developing countries such as China and Africa, and safeguarding multilateralism and international equity and justice.

Human beings live in the same global village. In the face of the epidemic, no country can be alone. Liu Hongwu pointed out that the special summit on China Africa solidarity against epidemic happened at the right time, sending a clear and clear message to the world at the critical moment of anti epidemic: China and Africa will work together more closely to win the epidemic. It is of exemplary significance for China and Africa to strengthen anti epidemic cooperation and promote international anti epidemic cooperation more widely. The positive results achieved by China and Africa in fighting the epidemic together will help to enhance confidence in the global war and epidemic and enhance the willingness of global cooperation.

Nguyen said that one of the important achievements of this special summit is the voice of China and Africa to jointly safeguard multilateralism. African countries need the support of the international community to enhance their capacity to respond to the epidemic, and maintaining multilateralism is particularly important for the common fight against the epidemic.

President Xi Jinping put forward in his keynote speech that China is willing to cooperate with the United Nations, WHO and other partners in developing non aid epidemic based on respect for the wishes of the non parties. Li Hongfeng believes that this initiative fully embodies Chinas unwavering and practiced multilateralism and hopes to unite more international forces to support the African epidemic and to show Chinas responsible big powers.

Only by adhering to multilateralism and carrying out broader multilateral international cooperation can we completely overcome the epidemic and restore economic and social development. Zhang Jianping said that China and Africa support globalization, firmly safeguard the international system with the United Nations as the core and the international order based on international law, support the United Nations and who to play a leading and coordinating role, and make important contributions to the global fight against the epidemic.