The bold designer has 71 windows for a house without worrying about exposing privacy

 The bold designer has 71 windows for a house without worrying about exposing privacy

After 71 windows are irregularly distributed, the beauty value comes up. The unit of this apartment is one house on one floor, and there are 10 houses on the 10th floor. It is calculated that each house has at least 7 Windows. That is to say, no matter which floor you are on, you can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view. They are serious about housing design!

From the outside, we may not find the magic of these windows. Lets go in and have a look. These windows are of different shapes and sizes. Lets not talk about them. Look at their distribution. Basically, where you want to enjoy them, the designers have opened a window for you, and your vision will reach anywhere without any obstacles.

If you look carefully, on the surface, these irregular windows are messy, but their size and arrangement are regular and related to the surrounding urban landscape. It can be said that they are orderly in disorder and exist naturally.

Life is fragmentary, but the apartment unit leads the continuous external landscape into the interior and affects the internal life, forming the overall living space integrated into the urban landscape.

In Japan, the existence of innovative buildings has become a local feature to some extent, and the local government also encourages more designers to give full play to their ideas. Is it true that curiosity has been caught up again when such a refreshing building suddenly appears between the dense buildings?

In Japan, in order to save land area, there are many small and large houses. The basic area of the house is very small, about the width of one or two cars, but the upper part of the room is no different from the ordinary house. Is it divided into many small rooms, and the interior decoration will be very luxurious. For example, the SOHO house designed by hideakitakayanagi design company perfectly illustrates this design concept.

The main feature of the house design is to give up the vestibule, an indispensable part of traditional Japanese architecture. To create a spiral structure on extremely narrow ground, the steel plate used is only 4.5mm thick. So the house is very light, but it is strong enough to resist the earthquake.

The owner of the house is a designer. He uses the house as SOHO, office and residence. There are four floors in the building. The underground floor is for office and the upstairs floor is for residence. The building is an obvious existence in the surrounding environment. The exterior skin is glass. The owner can obtain privacy or full view from the outside through curtains and adjusting the direction of blinds.

It is worth mentioning that the construction of the building is very difficult, and it is completely connected by shipbuilders using their own skilled skills.

Japans population is among the best in the world, but the actual area is not very large, so Japans land is extremely precious, which can not be described too much by inch of land and inch of gold. Therefore, many buildings in Japan are based on the principle of maximizing the use of space. On the basis of not destroying the use of the original land, we should expand more upper space and use more ingenuity in design.

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