Trumps infrastructure: can the worlds worst airports be saved?

 Trumps infrastructure: can the worlds worst airports be saved?

After submitting the proposal, trump tweeted the details of the budget allocation. $25 million will be used to expand the third largest U.S. port in Michigan, $135 million to build a highway in Louisiana, $11.2 million to build fiber optic communications in Memphis and Nashville, and $71.5 million to repair bridges on the Mississippi River. Houston port in Texas will receive 79.5 million to improve the operational efficiency of the container terminal; roads along ri-246 corridor in Rhode Island will receive 65 million dollars in maintenance costs.

Some analysts say that this number of jobs is only a drop in the bucket for massive unemployment during the new crown, but guy Charlotte, President of the Chester County Federation of industry and commerce, believes that the plan will have a long-term impact, not just a short-term job creation. These jobs have multiplier effects. They improve peoples quality of life, opportunities and access to information. Like a third world country, trump spent $1 trillion on infrastructure this time. In addition to stimulating economic recovery, another important reason is that the infrastructure of the United States really needs to be improved! As a foreign passenger, you will land at the famous John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal 2 when you arrive in New York. But the mood of your visit is probably dispelled instantly when you get off the plane, and then make complaints about the same way as Trump: is it in the United States? I feel like Ive come to a third world country! Because the scene you see may be like this:

Kennedy Airport is a place that New York locals are afraid to avoid. Local resident nork said that I would rather take a detour to Norwalk (the second of the three civil airports in New York)! But in the ten years from 2007 to 2016, the punctual arrival rate of flights to Newark in summer (June September) is only 66.7%. And in the mouth of his wife, Newark Airport is a place I cant even go to the toilet safely and decently!

In the United States, there is a group of elites known as the flying group, which means they only travel between Wall Street and Silicon Valley, from New York to the bay area. Alena is one of them. She asked on Twitter: its better to fly to New York, Kennedy or LaGuardia!! Ill never fly Novak again! I hate it!

According to CNBC, Pan am even tried to negotiate with local helicopter service providers in New York, trying to use helicopters to divert its passengers from Novak airport to other neighboring airports. The situation of Los Angeles International Airport where Alena took off was also worrying. Los Angeles Airport is the worst airport in the world, not even the runner up, the 80 year old Fodor company, the worlds largest English travel information publisher, wrote in its official publication

In countless cars with iPads, iPhones and friends talking loudly, most office workers would take out earphone plugs and silently pray to get to the station soon. Unfortunately, New York subway is usually more than 5 minutes late. In this case, the price also increased, and the intolerable New Yorkers chose to take to the streets. And even in this case, New Yorkers often laugh at Boston and Washingtons subway systems.

The New York subway will take ten years to repair

Since 2012, the delay rate of New York subway has doubled, which is almost the epitome of the state of public transportation in the United States. >Most transportation hubs in the United States, including airports, subways, buses and other facilities, are owned and operated by state, city, and county public institutions in most cases. New Yorks subway, for example, is run by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA), led by governor Andrew Cuomo. In 2017, the new chairman of the MTA, Joseph Lota, issued an ambitious statement, we must rebuild peoples confidence in the authorities through a thorough reform of the system. And announced up to $20 billion in subway maintenance and repair costs, which are expected to last for more than a decade. A few years later, this ambition has gone.

Andrew Natsios, a former chairman of the Massachusetts toll road authority who saved Bostons infamous bigdig highway project, said, preventive maintenance has no political capital, and no one will vote for you to be elected. Specifically, Andrew said, cost overruns are a big problem in any large infrastructure project, especially when dealing with an old town.

It is true that the government will allocate funds for immediate problems, such as broken carriages and missing seats, but the overall improvement and upgrading of the system is another problem, and the amount of funds is not the same. In this way, New York subway sewing and mending for another three years.

According to the New York Times, the New York subway now uses bright trains produced in the 1960s, which break down every 53000 miles on average. The failure frequency of ordinary metro trains, such as those used in Guangzhou Metro, is every 650000 km, and the durability is more than 10 times higher. To what extent has the sewing been mended? : its so old that MTA can no longer buy replacement parts from manufacturers. They have to do it themselves.

In short, improvement requires a lot of money, but no one is willing to vote for politicians who spend such a lot of money, and they wont enjoy it for a short time.

Trump and the other family?

The last large-scale infrastructure construction in the United States was in the 1960s. Half a century has passed since then, and the population has doubled. According to the data of Davos forum, about 1 / 3 of the total length of 6.587 million kilometers of roads in the United States is in poor condition; of the 6.12 million bridges in total, about 56000 have structural deficiencies (accounting for 0.915%), and 1 / 4 of the bridges have bridge age of more than 50 years; of the 83000 dams, about 14000 have potential high risk (accounting for 16.87%). A staff member engaged in municipal maintenance told the new media reporter (ID: time weekly) of the times that the most important part of infrastructure construction is actually maintenance. Its aging is not due to backward construction. Many infrastructures that have existed for decades can still operate well. Some local American staff believe that after the Vietnam War in the 1970s, the government was too shy to maintain the growth rate of expenditure on infrastructure, resulting in many infrastructure damaged by years of disrepair and neglect of maintenance.

At the campaign rally in October 2016, trump promised to invest $1 trillion in various infrastructure projects within 10 years once elected, and said that he would double his Democratic opponent Hillary Clintons $300 billion spending on roads, bridges and other projects, and that this spending would not increase taxes.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Republican Senator Mike enzie of Wyoming, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, are equally skeptical.

I think its a very heavy burden, toomi said.

Enzie said the focus should still be on the coronavirus pandemic. He pointed out that most of the funds for the $2 trillion nursing bill and the $484 billion temporary coronavirus rescue bill are still not in place. At the time of Trumps $1 trillion spending, the Democratic controlled house of Representatives was preparing its $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan. The plan will provide assistance for infrastructure, including roads, housing, water, education and broadband, with a focus on environmental policies. Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house of Representatives, said she hoped to pass the plan in the house by July 4. It seems that Trumps gap with his old rival Pelosi is much smaller than that with his colleagues.