Ministry of transport: ensure the Three Guarantees and one smooth transportation of materials to Beijing

 Ministry of transport: ensure the Three Guarantees and one smooth transportation of materials to Beijing

The notice made it clear that the policy of free and fast passage of green passage should be strictly implemented for vehicles transporting fresh agricultural products to Beijing. For vehicles with the certificate of emergency materials transfer in and out of Beijing issued by the relevant committees (bureaus) of Beijing Municipality, priority shall be given to convenient access. The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control leading group of Beijing city should transport new vehicles for emergency control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, such as disinfection supplies, medical rescue equipment and equipment, daily necessities, etc., and handle emergency transport permits according to relevant regulations and be free and convenient.

According to the requirements of the notice, the transportation authorities of each province should improve the transportation capacity reserve, strengthen the coordinated scheduling, do a good job in the transfer and transportation of materials to Beijing, and provide a strong transportation service guarantee for the key production and living materials to Beijing; according to the requirements of closed management, no contact of personnel, strict disinfection of vehicles, do a good job in the disinfection of transportation vehicles, stations and employees, and strengthen the in and out work In order to reduce the risk of spreading new coronavirus through road freight transportation, we should promote the inspection efficiency of transportation vehicles for key production and living materials in and out of Beijing and reduce vehicle queuing. To implement the relevant decisions and arrangements of the State Council, in principle, it is not necessary to take measures of isolation for 14 days for the drivers, stevedores and other employees who deliver materials to Beijing in a short period of time under the premise of normal temperature detection and closed management.

In order to ensure the implementation of various policies and ensure the transportation of key production and living materials such as fresh agricultural products into Beijing, the notice released the emergency transportation support telephone of the provincial transportation authorities, which requires strict implementation of the duty system, keeping the emergency transportation support telephone open 24 hours, timely accepting and coordinating to solve the problems in the passage of relevant vehicles, and effectively ensuring Smooth and efficient passage of emergency transport vehicles.

Emergency transportation support telephone of each province

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