Embassy in Russia: Investigation on fake nucleic acid report of individual returning passengers

 Embassy in Russia: Investigation on fake nucleic acid report of individual returning passengers

The novel coronavirus pneumonia virus test report is negative for the returning passengers from Russia before they arrive. Recently, through multiple inspections, there are still individual passengers who forge nucleic acid test reports, deliberately conceal the disease, causing adverse effects and consequences, causing great harm to the health and safety of other passengers and crew members on the same flight, and affecting the domestic epidemic prevention work. At present, counterfeiters are under investigation and will bear corresponding legal liabilities.

The Chinese Embassy in Russia once again reminded the Chinese citizens in Russia to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations of the two countries, do not have the fluke mentality, deliberately conceal the disease, try the law by example, and forge the test report. Please go to the nucleic acid testing institutions announced by Chinese embassies and consulates in Russia within 120 hours before boarding to carry out nasopharynx swab nucleic acid testing (non serum antibody testing), and submit it to the airline for inspection in time as required.

Global emergency call center for consular protection and services, Ministry of foreign affairs hotline: + 86-10-12308 or 0086-10-59913991

Consular protection Tel. of Embassy in Russia: 007499518661 or 0079167680296

Tel: 0079683799111

Tel: 007499518414

Consulate General in St. Petersburg Tel: 0078127137605

Consulate General in Khabarovsk Tel: 0074212340572

Consulate General in Yekaterinburg Tel: 007921509999

Consulate General in Irkutsk Tel: 0079647301058

Consulate General in Vladivostok Tel: 007902780873

Consulate General in Kazan Tel: 0079172734789

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