Shaoyin bone conduction headset: understanding the tenacity and avant-garde of new good men from Zhai Xiaochuans blockbusters

 Shaoyin bone conduction headset: understanding the tenacity and avant-garde of new good men from Zhai Xiaochuans blockbusters

The second day of CBA is fathers day. On my first fathers day, my only wish is to make my daughter happy, healthy and safe. Is my father the most handsome? the new father wrote on Weibo. Ivys boyfriend will be more handsome than me in the future. Seeing this, I cant accept my brothers righteous words. Xiaochuan, how can you say that you are not handsome? Shaking your head, I found an unexpected gift package from the micro blog again and again. The God of man just shot a group of blockbusters and VCRs for a fashion media. The taste of hormon just spills over the screen, and the tiger straight man will be broken!

At the moment when idols looking is an ideal life, the dressing, dressing, equipment and accessories of idols have become the focus of fans, which may be the graceful version of live delivery. As a straightforward man on CBA board, fashion shoes, watches and earphones are just three treasures in my heart. In this series of blockbusters made by fashion media for Zhai Xiaochuan, the earphones with amazing bone wearing style are extremely eye-catching. Is it the legendary bone conduction earphone?

After I went down, I went to Jingdong tmall and the official website respectively. After triple confirmation, I got the positive answer: Yes, its the aftershokz Shaoyin bone conduction earphone that is standard for the global sports stars. Of course, the selection of fashion icon in the avatar blockbuster is positive and important - Xiaochuan wears this one, which is Shaoyins flagship model aeropex (bright moon white), and the same one is wearing the hot calm sister (the color of aeropex is hot sun red).

Just like Casio, when it comes to Sanfang watches, when it comes to bone conduction earphones, there are only two categories in the world: Shaoyin and others. Lets take a look at a recent report: Mens health, a world-famous mens health magazine, won the 2020 Fitness Award. Aeropex, the Shaoyin bone conduction headset, won the award of the best running headset as expected. As for the German red dot award, Japanese gooddesign award, CES Best Innovation Award and other global fashion, sports, science and technology awards, aftershokz Shaoyin bone conduction headset has been soft.

Aeropex is Shaoyins flagship Bluetooth headset at present. Its sound quality and volume are greatly improved. With the optimization of ergonomics and the weight of only 26G, it greatly improves the wearing comfort. At the same time, the protection level of aeropex has also been raised to IP67, which can be safe even in case of heavy sweat or rainstorm. Aeropex has a endurance of up to 8 hours, an hour of exercise every day, and can cope with a long week of use. Four new colors: Obsidian, solar eclipse blue, bright moon white (the same as Zhai Xiaochuan) and hot sun red (the same as serenity and Zhang Xincheng), fully meet the needs of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and also have a stronger trend.

It is worth pickling that Chen Zhipeng, as the only officially designated earphone of the tour de France bicycle, often wears the tour de France Limited Edition aeropex with obvious yellow logo out of the street, attracting countless eyes.