Still playing a low price card? Chen fan and Lin Shanshan create a new live broadcast marketing

 Still playing a low price card? Chen fan and Lin Shanshan create a new live broadcast marketing

The traffic competition tends to be white hot, and the rise of live broadcasting makes brands see a new traffic entrance. When entering, we invite Taobao head anchors such as Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi to form a single live broadcast mode, or invite stars for more traffic, but they dont sell much.

Almost all brands believe that live delivery is a business model, hoping to drive sales and achieve sales targets through live delivery. However, the reality is that almost all of the sales oriented live delivery models are driven by low prices, which stimulate users to place orders. The brand based pricing model live delivery often makes the brand lose the initiative in pricing, and only relying on live sales can not support all sales.

In the long run, if we classify the live broadcast products as business models, users will have the psychology of not buying at a low price, and the low price effect will reduce the brand power.

In addition to business model, live delivery is a marketing model innovation

When a brand is on a certain celebritys live room, within a short period of time, the traffic is gathered, and the brand has been greatly exposed. But a live broadcast can only bring instantaneous sales volume. Only through long-term marketing activities, establishing brand influence in consumers hearts, can we obtain sustainable traffic.

Recently, Lin Shanshan, a red man in the head of chenfan, who has 20 million fans in the whole network, has attracted the attention of the brand side. Clinique, Givenchy, Ou Shudan, fresh, CPB, Daike and other beauty brands have extended olive branches to her to seek cooperation. Different from the single product sales of other anchors, Lin Shanshan has built a special live studio for tmall super brand Rix brand since the end of March.

When watching the super brand daily live show, Lin Shanshan usually controls the duration of the live show to 1 hour and the number of live products to 3-5. We can allocate more time for each product. For example, when introducing freshs sugar mask, I will first let the sensitive muscle model tell the fans how they feel about their daily use. I will apply the mask directly to the face with no makeup, and the fans can see the most practical effect. At the same time, I will tell the fans very much the scene when using the sugar mask. Scenery and technique to deepen their understanding of products. I want to see this live broadcast. Fans will think of our sugar mask when we bathe. Lin said in an interview.

Like a daily live broadcast, the anchor needs to finish 30-40 products in 3 hours, and the introduction and sales process needs to be completed in an average of 5 minutes, so as to make consumers impulsively place orders with attractive discounts, but the impact is that consumers do not have more awareness of the brand.

Only when content marketing becomes the bottom logical brand of live delivery can the increment be continuously expanded

The rise of live broadcast provides new traffic channels for brand marketing links, but it is essentially a link of content marketing ecology. At present, limited price seems to be the bottom logic of live broadcast, but in the long run, it is not the only logic. The brand side will eventually want to regain the pricing power of products. The deep co creation of content between the red man anchor and the brand can help the brand to carry out brand value transmission and deep user communication, and then achieve the goal of product efficiency integration, rather than simply selling.

Lin Shanshan, who was known as the fashion beauty blogger in the early stage, showed her own state in different scenes through beauty evaluation, love to share things, and accumulated a large number of followers in the vertical field of beauty. Recently, Lin Shanshan created in-depth content with the video of extreme imitation makeup teaching, and gained a lot of praise. Its not hard to find in the video that Lin Shanshan integrates the live broadcast into it. On May 31, Lin Shanshan added the products to be sold in the live broadcast of Givenchy that night in the video teaching of contour Thai mixed makeup, showing fans the use method and effect of the products in the way of beauty teaching, and arousing fans desire to buy. In the following videos, there are also related products emerging, which attracted fans to call for the return of special products in the comments, showing a strong desire to buy.

Under the wave of live broadcast, fans are the world. Whats more, the fans share between the anchor and the brand. Some time ago, LV carried out a live broadcast of goods, and make complaints about its style of live broadcast with goods. LV has always existed in the hearts of fans with high-end luxury style. In order to close the distance between the live broadcast and users, LV has arranged the live broadcast room into a people-friendly style. The inconformity with the brands tonality caused a huge gap between fans expectation and reality, resulting in a rollover.

As Chen Fans CMO, Lin Shanshan relies on the companys AI technology and big data analysis ability to conduct refined operation for users. Through analysis, we found that Lins fans are more willing to pay for the big brand beauty than the cheap substitution, and have strong consumption ability, so we are very confident about the big brand beauty cooperation special session. Chen Fan said.

In order to cooperate with the brand, the red man anchor should output valuable or interesting content to the fans, make the fans interested and keep paying attention to the brand, improve the fans interest and loyalty to the brand, and finally transform the sales.

Many brand businesses will take the ability to sell more products as the standard to choose the anchor, but they seldom think about what kind of anchor to choose to promote the brand more. I think brand selection is more important to the anchor. Lin said.

With the marketing logic, there will be unlimited imagination space for the brand.