Colorful Guizhou building the first national intelligent radio and television comprehensive experimental area

 Colorful Guizhou building the first national intelligent radio and television comprehensive experimental area

In the past, we often heard stories like this: children go to school more than ten miles a day, and barefoot doctors climb more than ten mountains a day to see patients. But now, we can see such reports on the news. The villagers of Guizhou Xiaoshan village open the TV and digital set-top box at home, press the remote control shortcut key, and without leaving home, immediately realize the face-to-face video with the community doctors. For the problems that the community hospital cant solve, they can also consult the doctors of the county, the city and even the provincial city through the remote video consultation In recent years, the remote consultation of Xiaoshan village is the epitome of Guizhous exploration and construction of smart radio and television.

Guizhou is the first national intelligent radio and television comprehensive test area in China. Guizhou Radio and Television Information Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guizhou Radio and television network) is a national leading enterprise in intelligent radio and television, and also a shining business card in Chinas Radio and television system. Relying on Cloud Computing, big data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, Ultra HD and other emerging technologies, it promotes traditional media and new media Promote the integrated development of media, accelerate the layout of all media industry, and actively build a colorful radio and television cloud in Guizhou.

Grafting more services to bring greater value into play

In January of this year, promote the construction of intelligent radio and television comprehensive pilot area was written into the work report of Guizhou provincial government, and was listed in the livelihood project of the provincial government in 2019. Guizhou Radio and television network took the responsibility of building a new intelligent radio and television system.

To build smart radio and television, the first thing is to develop and build colorful Guizhou radio and television cloud, build smart service aggregation cloud platform, all IP new media broadcast cloud platform, operation and maintenance support center big data platform, and realize cloud supply of content, service, resource and other business platforms. Strong computing power and massive storage space are the basic requirements of cloud platform for hardware infrastructure.

Whats more, relying on the radio and television cloud, the government, civil and commercial smart radio and television ecological chain will be built, which will bring more benefits and convenience to the people by combining with projects such as Xueliang project, learning lecture hall in the new era, geological disaster warning, smart access control and bright kitchen stove. This requires that the cloud platform that provides the basic support can be flexibly expanded and flexibly configured according to the business needs.

Tide to help colorful radio and television cloud in Guizhou

According to the business requirements of Guizhou Radio and television network, Inspur has provided a radio and television cloud platform construction scheme with Inspur dual path server as the core, providing sufficient computing power and storage space for colorful Guizhou radio and television cloud, which is flexible, efficient and elastic to expand, seamlessly grafted with a variety of political, civil and commercial projects, to create a new smart radio and television + ecological chain.

Inspur sa5212h5 is a 2u2 way server specially customized and optimized for the cloud platform. It is equipped with two Intel Xeon scalable processors and 24 DIMMs. It has strong computing performance and good energy efficiency performance. It can support up to 16 3.5-inch hard disks in 2U space, or up to 28 2.5-inch hard disks. The massive storage space meets the big data analysis and processing needs of the radio and television cloud platform. Sa5212h5 can support a variety of storage modules, I / O modules, network modules, GPU modules, realize different combinations for a variety of application scenarios, users can choose flexibly according to the configuration of business needs, at the same time, rich IO expansion can meet the seamless connection between the radio and television cloud platform and a variety of service platforms such as video call, science and technology classroom, telemedicine, digital library, etc.

New business form of smart radio and television with data resources converging and universal

According to the person in charge of Guizhou Radio and television network, Inspur server has laid a solid foundation for radio and television cloud. Relying on the colorful Guizhou radio and television cloud, we will accelerate the integration of resources inside and outside the industry, realize the aggregation and generalization of data resources, tap the data value, and let more service systems release greater value.

For example, relying on the broadcast and television cloud to gather the health care big data of the whole province, we will extend the remote consultation and patrol to the countryside, open up the visual medical and health service channels from township hospitals to village clinics and farmers, build an all-weather online network telemedicine service system, and solve the problems of the difficulty in seeing a doctor and seeking a doctor among the grassroots groups. With the combination of radio, television and cloud and the snow bright project, the rural people can check the surrounding public security situation through TV without leaving home, realize real-time monitoring, one key alarm, mass prevention and mass governance.