The ecological players behind the bank AI voice card

 The ecological players behind the bank AI voice card

Shengyang technology, a national high-tech enterprise with the core of cutting-edge technologies such as computer hearing, speech big data analysis, etc., focuses on the research of artificial intelligent speech technologies such as voiceprint recognition and speech recognition. Science and technology companies are not short of big bulls. Their lineup of academic masters can be called luxury. They are composed of scientists from Columbia University, Hong Kong University of science and technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China University of science and technology, Fudan University and so on. In the aspect of voiceprint recognition algorithm, it is more hard core. The first voice depth processing neural network technology makes the recognition rate of voiceprint recognition in noise environment higher than 99.5%; the original voice dynamic hybrid neural network has better robustness than the traditional algorithm.

The finvoice smart voiceprint recognition solution of Shengyang technology is applicable to multiple scenarios in the financial field, such as smart risk control identity recognition and smart customer service. It is equivalent to creating an AI voice card for smart financial applications, which can realize voice recognition of customer identity within 2 seconds. The accuracy of 1:1 voiceprint recognition reaches 99.7%. It has taken the lead in passing the financial technology products of the peoples Bank of China u201dCertification testing.

Recently, Shengyang technology has joined Inspur metabrain ecology. Inspurs AI server is convenient for Shengyang to deploy solutions efficiently for its industry customers, and can stably support the high-speed operation of massive data in the financial industry, so as to maximize the effectiveness of AI.

It veterans take a ride

Finance is one of the industries with the most extensive AI application scenarios, and it is also the advantageous industry of Zanhua. In the latest round of transformation strategy, there is no doubt that Zanhua chose to embrace AI and hope to catch the express train of industrial AI to provide high value-added products and solutions. After all, no one wants to fall into the same product / solution and win at a low price. Zanhua does not have its own native AI capabilities, so looking for partners is undoubtedly a shortcut to quickly achieve AI upgrading. However, in the face of different AI algorithm companies in the market, how to find the best fellow, how to deliver AI solutions and after-sales services are in urgent need of training, which also tests the IT veterans with 30 years of IT industry service experience.

Metabrain ecology is an amplifier and accelerator

Metabrain is like a business amplifier for left-hand partners, which enables AI masters to focus on iterative algorithm research. Through many right-hand partners in metabrain ecology, more application scenarios can be found, which can accelerate the landing of point and area applications.

Metabrain is more like a transformation accelerator for right-hand partners, grafting AI capabilities of ecological partners, and quickly delivering high value-added solutions. Of course, the premise is to have enough precipitation in the industry, understand the industry infrastructure and real needs, hold a lot of data, and open them to partners.

In metabrain ecology, the value of tide can not be ignored. Inspur will share the high-efficiency innovative computing platform, agile collaborative AI resource platform and timely delivery AI algorithm platform to the left-hand and right-hand partners to carry and accelerate the development and innovation of AI algorithm and industry application. In this process, publicity technology and Zanhua benefit, and the tide also benefits. Through metabrain ecology, the tide has also accelerated the landing of industry AI brain. Dozens of leading AI solutions have been provided in finance, railway, power, transportation, smart city, petroleum and petrochemical industries. In the future, the tide will work with left and right-hand partners to innovate and open a trillion yuan market space for industrial AI.