Business stagnation, high cost, cash flow crisis How can small and medium-sized micro enterprises break through?

 Business stagnation, high cost, cash flow crisis How can small and medium-sized micro enterprises break through?

At this stage, the primary problem faced by small and medium-sized micro enterprises is how to cut costs. On the one hand, we need to find new ways of business growth and break the business dilemma caused by lack of channels and single profits; on the other hand, we need to reduce costs and increase efficiency, save costs as much as possible in addition to rigid expenditures such as wages, rent, loan principal and interest, and ease the pressure of capital shortage.

In the thinking of digital transformation, cloud computing, as the bottom logic of many applications, has become a necessary option for many enterprises. Especially in the implementation of enterprise business continuity, enterprises with a higher degree of cloud tend to show stronger business resilience and more flexible response ability. It can be said that cloud transformation has become the only way for small and medium-sized micro enterprises to step into the ranks of specialized, special and new small giants.

Huaweis promotion of universal benefits in the year of cloud helps small and medium-sized micro enterprises run on cloud

In order to help small and medium-sized and micro enterprises to go to the cloud, HUAWEI cloud special launched a variety of special promotions on HUAWEI cloud official website during the 618 promotion period (June 3rd - June 30th). According to different cloud product application scenarios, Huawei cloud has set up 10 special sessions - special session for sea going scenario, special session for cloud database, special session for station building scenario, special session for domain name scenario, special session for enterprise application, special session for cloud security, special session for CDN and video scenario, special session for big data + AI, special session for global acceleration and special session for cloud native Users can go directly to the special venue according to their needs and enjoy the exclusive discount.

In addition to the special session, Huawei cloud also launched a series of activities to prepare a set of strategies for new and old users to play with 618.

u00b7On cloud Gift Pack: go to the main venue page of Huawei cloud 618 activity and click the 6600 red pack icon. New and old users can get the annual cloud Juhui gift pack worth 6600 yuan.

u00b7Full gifts: Huawei cloud users can purchase cloud services through the activity page, or use the mid year cloud gift pack coupons to purchase new cloud services on Huawei cloud official website. The accumulated amount of new purchases and actual payments reaches a certain amount, and can exchange corresponding physical gifts such as Huawei p40pro mobile phone, Huawei smart screen v55i-b, etc.

u00b7Burst discount: various types and specifications of ECS meet different business needs, including HECs (cloud Yaoyun server), c6s / C6 ECs, etc. Limited seckill zone, popular products as low as 0.7%.

u00b7Recommend to go to cloud: recommend friends to buy up to 2020 yuan voucher or Huawei freebuds3 wireless headset, enjoy double rewards of recommendation gift and promotion rebate. The old user has successfully obtained the purchase qualification of new user zone.

In addition, in order to solve the cash flow crisis and financing difficulties of small and medium-sized micro enterprises, Huawei cloud and industrial and Commercial Bank of China jointly launched the cloud flash loan loan service to provide flexible and convenient installment payment services for small and medium-sized micro enterprises after Huawei cloud real name certification. Huawei cloud customers can apply online and enjoy more cloud services through a small amount of cash flow.

Cloud flash loan is a financial service provided by industrial and Commercial Bank of China, with the advantages of easy opening, high quota, low rate and fast lending. For users, the whole process of opening is as fast as 5 minutes, with a passing rate of 99%; the maximum personal cloud flash loan is 500000, and the maximum enterprise cloud flash loan is 5 million; the annual rate is as low as 2.43% (subject to bank real-time); real-time lending does not need to wait. Just input cloud flash loan, installment loan and loan in the search box of Huawei cloud official website to search, you can find the relevant help documents of cloud flash loan, fill in the relevant information, and then open for free.

Both the large-scale preferential activities and cloud flash loans have ignited a booster for the cloud transformation of small and medium-sized micro enterprises. If the small and medium-sized micro enterprises have the ability of continuous operation during the crisis, these small and medium-sized micro enterprises will have the opportunity to reshape themselves to meet the new needs of customers in the post epidemic environment. In the long run, it will also help small and medium-sized micro enterprises to improve the level of digital management, reduce costs and increase efficiency with digital driving; explore business innovation mode, find new economic growth points; strengthen the upstream and downstream network cooperation of the industry, closely connect the information of products, suppliers and customers of enterprises, and improve production efficiency.