Alpha egg programming machine S1, intelligent toy in AI Era

 Alpha egg programming machine S1, intelligent toy in AI Era

App breakthrough course, without the guidance of teachers and parents, children can independently complete programming game breakthrough, deeply optimize the international popular graphic programming system, and lead children to contact the programming world from shallow to deep

App medal system, bringing fun learning and play experience, completing the challenge and winning the medal of honor

App remote control driving, unlocking rewards, racing for children to play, gyroscope, drift acceleration, etc., teach and enjoy

App like construction drawing, zooming in and out, no particles found in construction and animation encouragement. Alpha wave helps focus

[technology] S1, the alpha egg programming machine, uses the improved scratch graphical tool of beehive, and adds the guided level design to guide the children to get started easily.


Product weight: 1120g whole box

Product size: 230 * 155 * 130mm

Product material: ABS, PC

Product outer package: 336mm * 251mm * 55mm

Play time: 15 minutes in remote control mode, 1 hour in programming mode

Charging time: 40 minutes

Remote control distance: u2264 8M

The main functions of alpha egg programming machine S1 are building, programming, teaching and entertainment, remote control.

Programming: the app adopts the global popular childrens graphical programming interface. Through the game design, children can easily start programming and ensure that children can complete independently.

Education and entertainment: including app electronic drawings, racing, interactive levels, alpha music, to help open up a new interest building. Among them, code era series is a large series of intelligent building blocks. Alpha egg programming machine S1 will only have more cool intelligent cars, such as ejection, blasting, high wind, etc.

Remote control: it can drive remotely, unlock rewards, support one hand, gyroscope, drift acceleration and other actions.

Connection mode: 2.4G Bluetooth connection, fully compatible. IOS / iPad / Android all compatible