AIs next decade 2020 Beijing Zhiyuan conference opens

 AIs next decade 2020 Beijing Zhiyuan conference opens

Li Meng, Vice Minister of science and technology

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is still spreading worldwide, and Beijings vice mayor Yin Yong pointed out that the current outbreak of the new crown pneumonia is a serious blow to the economic and social sectors. In the face of the epidemic, what we need to do most is to adhere to life first, strengthen international cooperation, especially vigorously promote international exchanges and cooperation in the field of science and technology, and play a supporting role in scientific and technological epidemic prevention. At the special moment novel coronavirus pneumonia is being attacked globally, the 2020 Beijing wisdom source conference is held to focus on the development of AI in the next ten years and the problems of AI epidemic prevention, artificial intelligence ethics, governance and sustainable development.

Yin Yong, vice mayor of Beijing

Beijing has made it clear that artificial intelligence is one of the key areas of scientific and technological innovation and industrial development. It has introduced a series of measures in talent, scientific research, capital and application to promote the accelerated development of artificial intelligence. Next, we will further increase investment, work and innovation to create a better environment for the worlds AI talents to carry out academic exchanges, scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Beijing.

The guests of this conference include 5 Turing prize winners: AlanKay, JudeaPearl, ManuelBlum, JosephSifakis, JohnHopcroft (member of Zhiyuan Academic Advisory Committee), as well as dozens of experts in key areas of artificial intelligence, including: SteveFurber, Professor of Manchester University and member of Zhiyuan Academic Advisory Committee; J u00fc rgenSchmidhuber, Professor of AI laboratory in Switzerland and father of LSTM; and America. Anil Jain, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Michigan State University (h-index188, ranking first in the world in computer science field); Jorge nocedal, academician of American Academy of engineering and authority of numerical optimization; Zhou Yizhen, Dean of Data Science Research Institute, Columbia Universityuff08 JeannetteM.Wing uff09Alex pent, academician of American Academy of engineering and director of mitconnectionscience Laboratory Land; Bart Selman, President designate of AAAI, Professor of Cornell University; Regina barzilay, Professor of mitcsil and expert of intelligent medical treatment; Ruslan salakhutdinov, Professor of CMU, etc. Domestic experts include Zhang cymbal, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and chairman of Zhiyuan Academic Advisory Committee, Li Kaifu, founder and CEO of Innovation workshop, Lu Qi, founder and CEO of Qiji innovation forum, Zhang Yaqin, Professor of Tsinghua University, and other guests from academia and industry.

2020 the theme of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing is next ten years of artificial intelligence. It will focus on the development of artificial intelligence in the next ten years, combine the current global new crown pneumonia prevention and control, and achieve the goal of ensuring healthy lifestyle in the United Nations sustainable development goals. AI epidemic prevention, AI medical care, AI entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence ethics, governance and sustainable development will be set up. 19 forums, including the exhibition and the round table Seminar on China UK research cooperation.

At the opening ceremony, Huang Tiejun, President of Zhiyuan Research Institute, introduced the work progress and future plan of Zhiyuan Research Institute in recent year from five aspects: Zhiyuan scholar plan, Zhiyuan community, data center and intelligent medical care, innovation center, ethics and sustainable development.

Huang Tiejun, President of Zhiyuan Research Institute

Among them, Zhiyuan scholar has been implemented since April 2019. The goal is to select the best scientists and bravely break through the no mans land in the forefront of artificial intelligence technology. In the new year, the Zhiyuan scholar program will be expanded into five levels: Zhiyuan researcher, young scientist, Zhiyuan new star, Zhiyuan explorer and Zhiyuan postdoctoral. In general, Zhiyuan scholars plan to add another 100 this year.

The second aspect is the Zhiyuan community officially released by the general assemblyuff08 uff09u3002 Its goal is to establish an active academic and technological innovation ecosystem of artificial intelligence, and cultivate the next generation of problem discoverers and solvers.

The third aspect English novel coronavirus pneumonia is the data opening and research. The research center of intelligence resources has built three open platforms for data and knowledge for intelligent medicine, including the open data, knowledge map and algorithm platform. It includes: new crown pneumonia open data source, bilingual knowledge map, general intelligence platform CogDL, and intelligent source anti epidemic - small molecule research and development. Quality prediction competition, knowledge epidemic map - the global new crown epidemic intelligent cockpit, as well as sonobreatx, an intelligent computing and prediction platform for breast cancer jointly released by Tsinghua University, Xiehe University and Capital Medical University.

The fourth is the Innovation Center launched this year. Its positioning is to support key core technology research and promote AI original major innovation and key technology landing and in-depth application by opening the ecological resources of Zhiyuan.