What kind of older women are the most difficult for men to control?

 What kind of older women are the most difficult for men to control?

What is the hottest variety show nowadays? If you let the seniors say that, of course, its sister Lang. [Full Name: sister riding the wind and waves

Do you still think 30 + women are old?

Please look here to witness the over-30-year-old women, break the conventional concept of idol womens group defined by secular and capital, and witness the Mesozoic women, who are not losing the wonderful youth of 16-22 years old.

The 30 + elder sisters in sister Lang aspire to be the most fashionable, beautiful, idol, youth, variety and capital womens group members. With the new attribute of playing, pulling, playing, singing and dancing well, we have come out of the group and conquered the performing arts circle.

In youth has you 2 and Creation Camp 2020, there are no young girls in their teens and twenties who are fragile and cry bitterly. Some of them are full of sonorous roses at that time.

Here are the big and small sisters who make Huang Xiaoming dare not breathe, and the real fragrance women who capture you by virtue of the charm of mature women.

In the competition, among the C primary competitors of serenity, Zhang Yuqi, Huang Shengyi, Shen Mengchen, Wu Xin and so on, there was a female artist Yi Nengjing, who was interested by the xuechangge.

Its said that young people with young mentality will always be young. In the eyes of the school head, Yi Nengjing is simply the best spokesperson for this sentence.

According to the seniors observation, she is the oldest person in sister Lang. Believe it or not, Annie Yi, born in 1968, is 52 years old.

This time, Im not going to talk about the show of spoiler. I just want to say how miserable it is to be Yi Nengjings husband!!

Tragic complaint 1: wife is too gentle!

As a native Taiwanese woman, Yi Nengjing grew up in a social environment that shaped her gentle, sweet and sweet character.

The family atmosphere she grew up in as a child created her sensitive, considerate, patient, and weak flexibility.

No matter in work or in life, her tone is always tough and seldom angry. Occasionally sporadic discontented words speak out, but there is a kind of feeling like coquetry.

However, when a man is faced with a gentle woman with a good temper and not strong strength, he will not be able to get angry, and even produce the desire to protect and love imperceptibly. The satisfaction of the big man in his heart will burst in minutes.

So when Yi Nengjings husband, he was so miserable that he couldnt even fight. The daily seasoning also leaves XiuXiu loving and scattering dog food.

Tragic complaint 2: wife is too independent!

Yi Nengjing started her career in the entertainment circle at the age of 19 and performed many well-known music and film works. She even nominated the best actress of the Golden Horse Award.

In addition, she is also fond of public welfare for many years. She has full of positive energy in society, but also has considerable influence.

She knows how to discover the beauty of life, how to see every bit of daily happiness, and how to release negative energy in time, so that she can actively create happiness for the people around her and give warm backing strength.

Tragic lawsuit 3: wifes EQ is too high!

Because each persons growth experience is different and the growth environment is different, it is inevitable that there are three differences. In the common life, even if there is no contradiction in the general direction, there are inevitably some frictions in some minor matters and habits.

How did Yi Nengjing do it?

u2460 Before she opens her mouth, she changes her mind.

In order to understand each others thinking and situation, we should put ourselves in the others shoes. Divide the points of agreement and difference, anticipate the language thinking while calm, and strive to create the preconditions for the smooth communication between the following two people.

No matter right or wrong, first apologize to the other party and use the false appearance of weakness to break the gap caused by emotion and further close each others distance.

Then take the initiative, grab back the initiative, and guide the man to express his unhappiness and thoughts. In the middle of this, she did not say a word and only acted as a listener, which not only let the man vent, but also understood the real-time inner thoughts of the man.

After the man finished speaking, she expressed her understanding and approval at the first time. While giving recognition, she praised his initiative in communication, his sense of responsibility, willingness to spontaneously communicate and solve, and willingness to be considerate and inclusive of her.

Then turn the front and say but and play the card of be polite before you are a soldier. Show that I also have some ideas, hope to have a chance to listen to him.

It doesnt matter whether he accepts it or not, whether he adopts it or not, whether he understands it or not. He just wants to let him know more about her heart, and let them know more about and get closer to each other. Soft to say you have my people, I would like to give you my heart together.

After that, I was moved to speak out my hope and view rationally, encouraged him, and expressed my expectation for him.

Since ancient times, the routine has won peoples hearts! Yi Nengjing not only grasped the males self-esteem, satisfied his sense of being needed, but also deliberately spoiled the man, so that other ordinary women of low rank could no longer enter his eyes and be compared directly, which made the man reluctant to you, and would not betray you because of the friction dispute.

So when Yi Nengjings husband is really miserable, even white head is not separated has become no challenge. After a lifetime of mutual assistance, but still looking forward to the next life to meet again, hoping that the next life is lucky to continue to be eat to die.

You may not be able to find a woman of yinongjing, but the senior can help you to build a partner of yinongjing.

Come and talk to the head teacher! Say what you want and what you want, and let your seniors help you achieve it.

The head of the school will stand by here, just for the only one you are ready at any time, just want to win happiness for the one you are worth.

Moreover, its said that those who like to pay attention to their elders will get more happiness!