The legend of Zhen Huan tells us that womens affairs begin with group chat. I have evidence

 The legend of Zhen Huan tells us that womens affairs begin with group chat. I have evidence

Whether its huaner who is thoughtful in the center of the play, or Cao Qinmo who is sophisticated and practical, or Cao Qinmo who is on the right and left, or Su Peisheng who is not a man, not to mention a woman, is all a group chat expert.

I dont believe youu2014u2014

Warm tips, there are risks in group chat, please be careful when speaking.

Act 1: draft

The new emperor became a full-fledged emperor and settled down in the Qianqing palace. His eldest daughter-in-law had long been in charge of the family. The family of Nian, a Pianfang, was despotic and despotic. She was worried about becoming a mother and decided to marry Yongzheng several more (Wow, its good to be an emperor).

A group of girls with Zhu Yan and Dai lvcui gathered at the gate of the palace.

The late anling looks like a beautiful stone, picked up by a naughty child, and made a ripple on the lake by brushing.

Xia Dongchun, the daughter of Baoyi assistant leader, is aggressive and shows a sense of superiority because of a tea knocked over by anling Rong.

Thanks to Shen meizhuangs help, huaners mediation was able to calm down. Anling Rong was blessed with a Begonia on the temples. Of course, thanks to Zhen Huans excellent aesthetic.

If you give the play a name, it should be called group chat and character.

No doubt, summer, winter and spring are very annoying roles in our real life, but are there few of them?

not a few. There is such a person in almost every group, including our own occasional show.

Whether its a student party or a company group building, you will always see all kinds of people, and some people will disguise themselves, telling you exactly what jewelry I have, what brand of bags, which house or two, and a boyfriend inlaid with gold.


Yishu once said in the waltz that real ladies with temperament never show off these things because they dont feel inferior.

So dazzle dazzle is a kind of behavior that defeats peoples character when chatting in groups, especially by belittling others like Xia Dongchun. She is a clown to those who have self-restraint.

Play: everyone wakes me up

After the rookie enters the palace, he wants to see the queen. This is etiquette. But this visit is a model for group chat.

Zhen Huan and Shen meizhuang try to keep a low profile and light on pink and Daisy, but they want to protect themselves. Nian Shilan is late on purpose to show his noble status. The most pitiful one is summer, winter and spring.

However, Xia Dongchun didnt know what to do. He stroked his clothes and said that it was the material that the empress gave me.

Tut Tut, so anxious to stand in line, the result is that, because Nanan Lingrong was rewarded with one Zhang Hong. How do you say that? The gun shot the first bird.

Its the consensus of many people that misfortune comes from the mouth. However, no matter in any team, there are always a few people who are unintelligible and who are desperate to get their share. They have no real talent.

This play tells us that people should be low-key, the more knowledgeable and knowledgeable people are, the more they know how to restrain themselves, so Nian Shilan is not better than summer, winter and spring.

Theres always a trough in life, isnt there? If you are used to publicity, you will not be trampled on by others.

Play: Zhou Langgu

Zhen Huan, together with Shen meizhuang and anling Rong, combined song, dance and Qin to defuse the crisis.

If Cao Qinmos ending is designed by herself, then this large-scale group chat scene is the first step of her death.

This play reminds us that people have to have friends and confidants. We cant regard all social relations as human resources. Only when we stumble and fall down occasionally can we have one or two hands to help you.

So sometimes we cant help but feel that its good to have friends. Even if the music is wrong, Zhou Lang will always be there.

At the same time, I also want to tell all readers here that when you design others, you also dig a hole for yourself. The right way in the world is the vicissitudes of life.

Play: unpredictable

But now, different from the past, Cao Qinmo is full of tears, accusing Nian Shilan of a number of crimes, which can be described as wall down and everyone pushing. Of course, Princess Hua publicizes her evil deeds. This ending is in line with her various actions and is not unjust.

However, at that moment, all the living beings showed themselves incisively and vividly. Zhen Huan, who had already become stronger, planned a strategy and vowed to revenge for the past, so everyone agreed.

In normal times, everyone is laughing and gossiping and gossiping. It seems that there is always harmony between people. But once the interests are touched, everything will change.

I like a saying: how others treat you is your cause and effect, how you treat others is your practice.

Standing in heaven and earth, we dont live for anyone. We have to be responsible for ourselves. We can live without iron and calcium, but we cant live without conscience.

Above all, we should be compassionate and awed by life.


Interpersonal relationship is the sum of social relations. As a form art, TV plays have exaggerated elements, but in real life, each group has its own story.

Maybe its not as complicated as palace fighting drama, but its not as simple.

For women, how to live is their right, but it is necessary to live truly, not to let the heart have a debt. At the same time, we should continue to cultivate ourselves, not to let ourselves become the most gossip in the life circle.

This requires us to be able to face the outlook on life, world outlook and values correctly, and then to be a transparent and open-minded woman.


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