If a person really loves you, its enough to see these three things

 If a person really loves you, its enough to see these three things

A person, is not really love you, see these three things is enough.

The man who really loves you is willing to tolerate everything about you

A person who has no sense of security will become extremely insecure, worry about gain and loss, and become reticent. Its just that the other side doesnt understand tolerance.

If a man does not know how to love his own woman, do not know how to be willing to accommodate each others everything, then what other has to go through a long life together with you?

Dont think its common to talk about money in love, but its not. After all, a man who really loves you is willing to spend money for you.

Although money is not the only measure of feelings, it is one of many indicators. If a man doesnt want to spend money for you, he is only one in ten thousand likely to love you. If you dont want to buy gifts for you or invite you to dinner, there is probably no reason for such a man to do everything.

The more willing a man is to spend money on a woman, more or less, it proves the womans position in the mans heart.

The man who loves you sincerely is willing to give his all

A person who loves you, will give you a sense of security, will be afraid of your unexpected departure, will always put you in the heart. Your likes, your sorrows, your tears and your smiles are all that he can see through at a glance.

A man will remember all the anniversaries, push off all the social activities, and be with you when you need them. He will give you all he can give you. Such a man is a treasure.

You need to know that only when a man loves a woman sincerely in his heart will he be willing to let this woman enjoy the best things in the world and give up all the love in the world to this woman.


Want to see a man is not really love you, do not listen to what he said, but to see what he really did for you.

To feel a mans love with heart, to experience with heart is far more than to identify with eyes, to listen with ears. After all, a mans love is to experience with heart.

A man, if you can feel his tolerance, you can spend the money he makes, you can experience the purest love in the world, presumably this man is worth trusting for life.