My boyfriend really wants to marry you

 My boyfriend really wants to marry you

So I advise the girls who are in love not to be nervous, more sensitive, more careful, and carefully observe whether the man in front of you is reliable. And then Ill tell you my heart.

If a man really wants to marry you and set up a family with you to have a stable and happy future, then he will definitely have these four performances, yes.

First, in money, you dont care.

In fact, two people live together to eat, drink, wear clothes and water and electricity. All these things cost money. From these small details, we can see whether a man is defensive to you.

The woman is very surprised. Since two people are going to get married in the future, isnt it the same for you or me? Its both our mutual savings.

So the woman suggested that we put the money together. No matter what we buy for dinner, we should not count it so clearly. In this way, both of them will be easy to suffer some unnecessary haggling and wont quarrel so much.

The man just promised it orally, but he was slow to act. Every time he got paid, he would excuse it. There was not much money left in the matter, but he didnt put the money together.

Then they did break up. If a man doesnt want to marry you, he certainly doesnt want to pay his own sunk cost. Its very simple.

Second, his plan for the future, there are no you.

Some couples work together in a strange city.

Some of them dont want to wander in big cities for a long time, but want to earn some fast money, and then find a second and third tier city to settle down and live in the future.

At this time, some men will have a three or five-year plan for themselves. For example, within three years, they will continue to change jobs and get high wages.

Then he will go to which city to live. In this process, he will definitely see the real estate in this city and see his future work.

Maybe as soon as he turns around, when the time is right, he will abandon you and go back to his hometown, or the city he met in, and get married. The future has nothing to do with you.

Third, do you often appear in his family gatherings.

Now some men are very stingy, love is very hidden, if not fully sure will not introduce girlfriend to friends and family.

If you find that your boyfriend often takes you to his relatives wedding banquet, peer gatherings, etc., it proves that he has regarded you as his relatives in his heart.

If, on the contrary, you are close to his family, but he never takes you home and prevents his relatives and friends from seeing you, as if you are an invisible girlfriend, then you should be alert at this time. He doesnt want to marry you at all.

Of course, when you and him go to the party, you should also look at his relatives and friends. Generally speaking, when you are not present, he has shown them his views and attitudes. You can learn from his relatives talks how he introduced you at home.

Fourth, accommodate those little tempers.

This is the most important point. Its just a small example I give. In fact, if he looks at you as his future wife, he wont be very critical of you.

So if your boyfriend always tells you that its not good here and there, you cant think that she just wants to make you better. He really just hates you.

But a man is usually a person who doesnt want to break up, so he will consume you when you cant bear to leave him. In such a case, what about marriage?

Remember my words, men are emotional animals, only love very much will marry you.

I am @ Qian Fanfan. If you have emotional problems, you can come to me.