What kind of online jokes can make people laugh about internal injuries? Season 52

 What kind of online jokes can make people laugh about internal injuries? Season 52

The sister-in-law said, then why do we take a bath? I spent 100, and your brother spent 600?

What should I say?

Brother and wife love playing mahjong, once lost money at home roar: dont play, and then play on the chop.

Next to him, his son, who watched TV, said without looking back: as long as you are addicted to mahjong, Avalokitesvara with thousands of hands can make you chop into Yang Guo...


Its been a long time since I found my wifes secret of hiding money in the boots of the shoe cabinet. I touch one or two of them every month as pocket money. Until yesterday, I reached out and caught a cactus in it. I knew it was time to stop


She felt that he still loved her, so she was looking forward to making up with him.

Until one day, his boyfriends friend told him that what he said that day was really heavy.


I heard two aunts talking about having a second child on the bus.

Another aunt said, you have to have a second child. Look at Wu Dalang. If his mother didnt give birth to Wu Song, who will avenge him later?


Man: I have no car, no money, no house, no diamond ring, but I have a heart to accompany you to the old age.

Woman: isnt this person terrible? Theres nothing. Ill pester people for a lifetime.


My face became like this, mainly because my face was damaged by the explosion of the watch.


Yesterday, I found out about smoking. We had a big fight. At last, my husband promised not to smoke in the future.

I didnt turn off the gas when I went out to test him this morning.


There was an operation. I was very nervous. The handsome doctor asked me, dont be nervous. Lets play a song for you.

I was grateful in my heart, and then I heard, my friend, you are going to go away today and drink this wine...


Dont complain about your work. Im glad that Im so useless. I still have a job.