How much sorrow can you have? Its like a muddy river flowing from west to East

 How much sorrow can you have? Its like a muddy river flowing from west to East

What five minutes is not enough to insult the theory of time, which refreshes the theory of relativity in the field of law.

In fact, the law is nothing but a natural conscience, and does not need the innovation that the general human intelligence cannot understand.

Besides, the lawyer is not a cutting-edge technology innovation industry. The criminal law is in front of us. We dont need to put on a big score mysteriously.

So, how much worry can you have? Its like a muddy river flowing from west to East.

Theres a joke about a billionaire who asked his poor friends no questions:

Why do you look down on me when I have money?

My friend said, you have money to do my shit! Why look down on you?

The rich man said, Ill give you 50 million yuan. Can you look at me?

I look down on you when I have no money. I have as much money as you. Why do I look down on you?

You have become a poor fool. Why should I look at you?

You see, if a person has a little money and does stupid things again, he is not allowed to be despised.

If you despise the stupid things he did, he will say you hate the rich.

This society

It is not hatred of power for an official to be spiteful for wrongdoing;

A fat man was caught cheating, let alone hating fat.

Ive never heard of the rapist criticizing the captor generously: you are envious of my strong desire, passion and hatred of the rapist!

Therefore, a group of people of culture like to regard the common characteristics of human beings as national character.

Grieve at the fact that the Chinese are not independent and the Chinese are not united;

He praised the confusion of Chinese people and blamed them for their right and wrong;

Sometimes boast that the people are willing to be indifferent, and sometimes scold that the people are good at hating the rich.

When it comes to hating the rich, its really not a Chinese characteristic. Its common for the rich to be complacent.

Jia familys young man despises the self-made small rich man.

The small staff of PetroChina still dictated to the boss of the contract project, because their owner was rich and rich, and they were also full of rage.

People with a monthly income of 1000 yuan are proud to see the increase of Chinese rich people on the Forbes rich list

Some time ago, the teacher Cang of Dahe nationality gave birth to children. The young people she taught and yourong Yan, I feel that I have contributed..

The robbers dislike the poor and love the rich. When they meet the rich, they can rob them. Thank heaven for being discerning. Because bandits treat rich people with the same respect as their parents.

Dont misunderstand that fighting against the local tyrants to divide the land is hatred of the rich. The local tyrants and the rich are valuable resources of the revolution. During the land reform, all the poor villages were envious of the villages where the landlords and the rich could be divided. Only by virtue could the rich rob them.

Therefore, the so-called phenomenon of hating the rich is actually worrying about the rich. Its hard to distinguish the truth, conscience and quality of the rich.

Its just that:

The green mountains cant be covered. They flow from west to East.

When the river is late, the mountain hears the partridge deeply.