Chen Qianqian in the rumor: back to the real world, can the love between Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian last?

 Chen Qianqian in the rumor: back to the real world, can the love between Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian last?

However, Chen Qianqian, the leader of Huayuan City, married Han Shuo, the emperor of xuanhu city. This unprecedented situation is hard to handle. Fortunately, the three princesses are from the future world. Moreover, she is a playwright, and the fate of all the characters is in her hands. So, the story of Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo is so ups and downs, so refreshing. There is love, there is compromise. There is hatred and kindness. I like watching the parents on both sides and bargaining. The atmosphere is so good. I believe Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo will live happily.

But back in the real world, do you guess they will be happy? Its a fruit ring, an apple, an orange and a banana. Just, changed the time, changed the place. The point is, theres also a change of character settings. The modern Han Shuo is the Han Yingdi with thousands of fans. Modern Chen Qianqian, that is not very well-known screenwriter. The two recognized each other after eye contact. And remember what happened in that world. It can be said that Han Shuo and Chen Qianqian came to this world perfectly. But the love between Han Yingdi and Chens playwright - well, its mysterious.



So, can Chen Qianqian still love Han Shuo as always? Yes, there can be. However, his boyfriend has so many fans - falling in love, is there a lot of pressure? Moreover, idols are basically reluctant to disclose their emotions. In this way, is Chen Qianqian willing to be an underground lover? She is very optimistic, but in front of Han Shuo, who has such good conditions, she may be less confident, right? Without the existing script, Chen scriptwriter and Han Yingdi step on thunder in minutes. With so many disadvantages around me, I think this relationship still has a lot of obstacles.


What does this mean? Huayuan city and xuanhu City, the environment is not complex. Once upon a time, I was slow enough to love only one person in my life. Now, too much interference, too much temptation - so defenseless, even if its a screenwriter? Maybe even her own life can not be well grasped. And with Han Yingdi, it is destined to be a more different emotional experience than shaochengzhu + Shaojun. For some reason, Han Yingdi and Chen Xiaoqian are not happy to see each other again. Well, maybe I just had an accident and was still in shock? However, these two faces are not suitable.


There is no if in the beginning, so there is no need to continue to assume. To be sure, love has always been