Li Ties next training session or recruitment of Fernando Gao Lin and Wang Yongpo will also be considered

 Li Ties next training session or recruitment of Fernando Gao Lin and Wang Yongpo will also be considered

The key to Guangzhou is to watch the competition

The fourth warm-up match between Evergrande and jiazhaoye was held at 5:30 p.m. on June 20. Li Tie arrived at Tianhe stadium at 5 p.m. and then the staff of Evergrande club took him to Tianhe stadium. Li Tie is very familiar with this stadium. He used to be a member of Evergrandes coaching team. He is very familiar with both the team members and the staff. Li Tie will return to Guangzhou as if he were going home. Li Ties first training session since taking office as head coach of the Chinese team was held at Evergrande base in Guangzhou.

Li Tie arrived in Guangzhou on June 19. The itinerary is basically related to football. Li Tie also went to the office of Zhu Jizheng, chairman of Guangdong tuotian sports Consulting Co., Ltd. At the beginning of the year, Zhu Jizhengs company helped coordinate the training of Wuhan zhuoer football team in Guangzhou. After Wuhan Zhuo returned from Spain, Guangdong tuotian helped Wuhan Zhuo implement the training venue and hotel arrangement after returning home, which made Wuhan Zhuo players feel at home in Guangdong. For this reason, Wuhan Zhuo also sent a special letter to thank tuotian sports company.

Its only a part of reminiscing with old friends. Li Ties most important job in Guangzhou is to watch the match between Evergrande and Shenzhen football team on the spot and learn about the players of the national team and those who are expected to enter the national football team. Due to the epidemic situation, the domestic football league has not started yet, because there is no formal competition, the maintenance of professional players competitive state and psychological state is a big problem. Li Tie is very concerned about the maintenance of players state, and he hopes that more competitions can be arranged between teams to help them maintain their state.

Li Tie records team performance in detail

After arriving at Tianhe stadium, Li Tie exchanged greetings with Guangzhou Evergrandes Cannavaro and his coach team, Shenzhen jiazhaoye Donadoni and his coach team. Li Tie is very familiar with both coach teams. For example, motoloni in the deep foot coach group and many coaches in the Evergrande coach group have worked with Li Tie. With the help of translators, Li Tie has had exchanges with them. Li Tie has also learned about the current situation of deep foot from Donadoni.

There is also an old friend that Li Tie is familiar with, that is, Zhang Xiaorui, assistant professor of Shenzu. When Jianlibao youth team studied in Brazil, Li Tie, Li Jinyu, Zhang Xiaorui and Sui Dongliang were known as Four Little Swans. My old friend was very happy when they met. They talked for a while. According to the reporter, the former members of Jianlibao youth team have set up a wechat group of their own, and everyone will get together every year whenever they have a chance.

After the exchange of greetings, Li Tie went to the stand to watch the game. He also took out a record book to record the performance of the players of both sides on the court in detail.

Before this game, Evergrande and Shenzhen football have played three games.

The match was divided into three sections on the 20th. Evergrandes starting lineup was: Exxon as the arrow, Wei Shihao, Yang Liyu and Fernando as attacking midfield, Liao Lisheng and he Chao played in the back, Zhong Yihao, Mei fang, park Zhizhu and Zhang Linpeng played in the back line, and goalkeeper Liu Weiguo. In terms of Shenzhen jiazhaoye, song zhuxun, the South Korean central defender, became the first central defender. Other starting players are goalkeeper Guowei, Xu Haofeng, Zhou Xin, Ge Zhen, cernas, Zu Pengchao, Li Yuanyi, Zhang Yuan, Xu Yang and presia duo.

Just at the beginning, Fernando was injured in a fight with song zhuxun. Fortunately, after being treated by the team doctor, he was able to return to the stadium quickly. Deep foots Zu Pengchao took the lead in knocking the door of Liu Dianzuos guard through long-range shooting, and then Wei Shihao and prisia duo scored successively, and Guangzhou Evergrande fell behind 1-2 temporarily in the first quarter.

Entering the second quarter of the game, Shenzhen jiazhaoye anti guest oriented took the initiative in the game, Evergrande also maintained the dignity of the home court, and finally both sides did not score goals to end the game of this section. In the third quarter, Donadoni sent out all China team to fight, and Guangzhou Evergrande took the opportunity to surpass the score. Finally, Guangzhou Evergrande narrowly beat Shenzhen jiazhaoye 3-2 at home.

In the last period, Evergrande players included Exxon, Zhang Linpeng, Liu Dianzuo, Luo Guofu and Wei Shihao. No one from Shenzhen football team was selected. In the match on the 20th, Exxon, Zhang Linpeng and Wei Shihao all started, while the naturalized player Luo Guofu is still recovering.

The naturalized players of Evergrande are all in the team, including Fernando, Jiang Guangtai and Gorat. Fernando starts with Exxon. Gorat also has a good performance. Li Tie records their state and performance. Domesticated players will be the key component of the next 40 strong games, but at present, the qualification examination of Gorats international players has certain obstacles, and the possibility of entering Chinas national team in the near future is very small. If Fernando can successfully complete the audit at the end of June, and if Li Tie is satisfied with his performance, the next phase of the national team may be called up.

Li Tie also attaches great importance to the situation of Shenzhen football players. More than 25 players from Shenzhen football team have got the chance to play. All the new players introduced this season have basically appeared. Gao Lin and Wang Yongpo, the two former international players, have been in good condition recently. For the national football team, Wang Yongpo and Gao Lin, who have recovered in condition, are plug and play high-level players who can drive other players, so they are They were also the focus of Li Ties investigation.

Li Ties visit to Guangzhou also has plans to investigate young players from both sides. Evergrande Yang Liyu, Zhang Xiuwei, he Chao, Zhong Yihao and others came out in the competition. Dai Weijun, a Hong Kong Chinese player who has performed well in the previous teaching matches and is applying for mainland citizenship, did not go out because of injury.

Source: football newspaper Author: Wang Wei editor in charge: Zhang Zenong_ NS5732