The U.S. military insists on dismissing the captain of the USS Roosevelt from his post

 The U.S. military insists on dismissing the captain of the USS Roosevelt from his post

Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak of the Roosevelt aircraft carrier Kreuzer, former captain of the ship was sacked in April 2nd, after he issued a letter of help, but the letter leaked to the media and exposed. The leak led to the resignation of Acting U.S. Navy Secretary Thomas mordley under pressure. Mike gilday, the chief of naval operations, ordered a more in-depth investigation into the outbreak of the FDR.

Former captain Croce of Roosevelt

According to the investigation report released by the U.S. Navy, it is reasonable to dismiss Klose. If I had known what I didnt know until now, if Croce was still in command of the carrier, I might have dismissed him, gilday told the Pentagon He said that although the letter of request for help was the root of all this, its dismissal had nothing to do with the letter being leaked.

Gilday said the assessment of Klose concluded that he did not act in a timely manner or effectively implement Navy guidelines in the event of an aircraft carrier outbreak. Gilday said the Navys latest investigation left me with enough doubt about Kloses command capability.

According to gilday, Klose did not give early warning to the unincorporated sailors and allowed the isolated sailors to end the isolation too early, thus putting the crew at a higher risk and possibly aggravating the spread of the epidemic. Although he later asked senior US military officials to take more measures to save the ships personnel, its performance was far less than expected. Gilday added that Klose is no longer fit for any other command post and will have another appointment.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said in a statement Friday afternoon that the committee will begin its own investigation of the new Roosevelt pneumonia epidemic.

Everyone in the chain of command was unprepared to deal with this, including acting Navy minister mordley at the time, he said The civilian leadership of the Department of defense described captain Kreuzers command decision as a weakness of the Navy, but in fact the civilian leadership also has responsibility.

But there are also Democratic senators who have questioned the decision not to reinstate captain Klose. When the novel coronavirus pneumonia began to spread, the troops did not receive targeted training, and the military did not give clear safety precautions, the senators said. The Navys decision appears to have adopted a standard retroactive procedure to justify the removal of Klose.

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