The best pharmaceutical stock market is worth crushing Sinopec! The boss is worth more than Wang Jianlin

 The best pharmaceutical stock market is worth crushing Sinopec! The boss is worth more than Wang Jianlin

From the bottom of October 2003 to todays new high, in less than 17 years, the stock price of Hengrui medicine rose by 320 times. According to wind statistics, since 2000, from the bottom, Hengrui has risen 340 times. With continuous skyrocketing and new highs, the static P / E valuation of Hengrui pharmaceutical is not low, but some securities companies continue to be optimistic, and some private equity companies also say that there is still a lot of room for the future value improvement of pharmaceutical stocks.

Data shows that since 2000, Guizhou Maotai, Changchun hi tech, Hengrui medicine, Sanan photoelectric and Hengsheng electronics have achieved more than 300 times of growth, Guizhou Maotai is more than 40 times, Changchun Gaoxin is more than 390 times, and Hengrui medicine ranks third. Consumption and medicine are really big stocks.

Medicine bull stocks soared 300 times to a new high

As the value leader of A-share pharmaceutical stock market, Hengrui pharmaceutical share price keeps breaking new highs. Todays share price has reached a new high, with a market value of more than 500 billion yuan. At one time, it rose 2.6% in early trading today, and still rose 0.43% by the end of the morning. Since this year, Hengrui pharmaceutical has increased by 28.38%.

Today, Hengrui medicine has new advantages. Hengrui medicine announced today that the company announced that the subsidiary company obtained the drug registration approval document, and the two major indications of single drug treatment of second-line advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, single drug treatment of carrizumab + pemetrexed + carboplatin treatment of first-line advanced or metastatic non squamous non-small cell lung cancer were approved by the State Drug Administration.

Hengrui pharmaceutical was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000. After its low share price was set in October 2003, it started a 17 year bull journey. After regaining its right, its share price rose by 320 times to its intraday high this morning.

Founded in 1970, Hengrui pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical and health enterprise engaged in pharmaceutical innovation and high-quality drug R & D, production and promotion. It is committed to the innovation and development of anti-tumor drugs, surgical drugs, endocrine therapy drugs, cardiovascular drugs and anti infective drugs, and gradually forms a brand advantage. By the end of 2019, there are more than 24000 employees worldwide.

Market value surpasses Sinopec:

A share ranked 10th

The companys market value has reached 500 billion yuan. Hengrui pharmaceutical has broken through the market value list of A-share banks oil and petrochemical industry, surpassing Sinopec in market value and becoming the 10th company in market value of A-share.

Hengrui in China vs Pfizer in the United States

Hengruis share price soared, with a P / E ratio of more than 90 times based on 2019s performance, while Pfizers in the US only trades at 12 times. In terms of market value, Hengrui is about 500 billion yuan, while Pfizer is currently 131 million yuan.

Private placement: the future value promotion space of pharmaceutical stocks

Yang Yong, investment director of Qianhai Yunxi fund, said: many people will think how expensive is the pharmaceutical stock? Maybe even the profit is negative, but the market value is already very high. In fact, the valuation method of pharmaceutical stocks is very similar to Tencent, JD or pinduoduo. Although they still lose a lot when they are listed, the future value promotion space of these companies is obvious.

Yang Yong said that in recent years, the country has encouraged the research and development of innovative drugs and put them into the market. Correspondingly, the return on investment of pharmaceutical enterprises with R & D capability can be greatly improved, which will be reflected in the rise of stock price in the secondary market.

Lin Cunye, founder and chairman of Sunrui investment, said that Chinas pharmaceutical companies are catching up in research and development. In the past year and two years, these companies have almost thousands of project projects, and a variety of drugs and devices have sprung up. High end anticancer drugs and various devices were almost monopolized by foreign investors in the past few years. But from this year on, this situation will change greatly. In the next decade, domestic substitution will be the main theme in the field of medicine and medical treatment.

Fund continued to increase in the first quarter

Research Report of securities companies: maintain purchase rating

1. The progress of major indications is the fastest, and the advantage of carrizole continues to expand

Up to now, four domestic pd-1s have been approved for listing (see the table below), and the competition in the domestic market is gradually fierce. The current main strategy of PD-1 enterprise is to seize the clinical progress of large indications and combine drugs. The company has its own strong clinical team, so it has great advantages in subject recruitment and clinical costs, leading in large indications such as liver cancer and lung cancer. The companys anti-tumor innovative drug pipeline is rich, and carrizhu is also the largest combination of PD-1 products in China.

2. All four indications may be covered this year, leading the market

Sun piaoyang, the real controller of Hengrui, is a fortune surpasser of Wang Jianlin