Li Ziting airport is fatigued by chance, with 11 hands

 Li Ziting airport is fatigued by chance, with 11 hands

There are 11 hands in the bag

Netease Entertainment reported on June 22 that on June 22, a netizen met Li Ziting, a rocket girl 101, at Hongqiao Airport. She said that she was looking very tired, and there were 11 hands in her bag.

On June 21, official blog of rocket girl 101 wrote on Weibo that Li Ziting had suffered from sudden tinnitus recently. After consulting the doctor for advice and communicating with her, she decided to follow the doctors advice and will not participate in the recording of the farewell ceremony of rocket girl 101. At that time, she will participate in the farewell in a special way. It is reported that rocket girl 101 meet goodbye rocket girl 101 farewell ceremony will be held on June 23.

It is recommended that Li Ziting suffer from sudden tinnitus, will be absent from the rocket girl farewell ceremony, the rocket girl will be dissolved soon, the members will change their heads, the group will be full of souls, the rocket girl 101 will be dissolved soon! Lai Meiyun set up his own studio source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Han Chong_ NBJ11345