Zhao Liying, elegant Ambassador of Longines flagship store

 Zhao Liying, elegant Ambassador of Longines flagship store

On June 18, Longines watch opened the flagship store of new world city in Shanghai. Mr. Li Li, vice president of LongQin watch China, joined hands with elegant image ambassador Zhao Liying to attend the opening ceremony. Located at the intersection of Nanjing Road, as an old department store in Shanghai, Shanghai New World City stores have been renovated and upgraded. The shop is decorated with the symbolic dark blue color, covering the entire product line, creating an elegant time space. There is a VIP exclusive area and maintenance service center in the store, which brings customers a intimate shopping experience.

Mr. Li Li, vice president of LongQin watch China, said: as the benchmark of Shanghai department store industry, after a centurys journey, Shanghai new world city will undergo transformation and upgrading at the end of 2019 to meet the challenges of the new era with a new look. This spirit of keeping pace with the times coincides with Longines watch. Since 188, Longines watch, while adhering to the traditional watchmaking technology, has been constantly innovating to provide consumers with more high-quality and rich products and services.

Taking this opportunity, Longines watch presents the new Deloitte Weiner series, and unveils the series of tournaments: the setting of the exhibition area full of rich Italian style, creating a sweet life scene; the interactive form of online and offline combination, providing consumers with immersive experience; the exhibition area displays the new Deloitte Weiner series, with eight color bands changing at will, interpreting the sweet vitality of summer.

From now on to June 28, the new deltoir Weiner series tour will continue to be displayed in Shanghai new world city. We sincerely invite Shanghai watch lovers to experience in person and feel the sweet and elegant of deltoir Weiner series.

Source: Pan Jingxian, editor in charge of Netease fashion_ NQ0184