Another fighting in Kashmir between India and Pakistan killed six and a 13-year-old girl

 Another fighting in Kashmir between India and Pakistan killed six and a 13-year-old girl

Reported that the Pakistani military said that the attack from India resulted in the death of a 13-year-old girl, her mother and brother were injured, the attack also destroyed some houses, but the Pakistani army effectively responded to the Indian attack. India accused Pakistan of using mortars to attack the Indian side of the actual control line and killed five Indian civilians. The exchange of fire resulted in 6 deaths and 2 injuries.

Pakistans foreign ministry said Sunday it had summoned the interim Indian agency in Pakistan to express Pakistans strong protest against Indias violation of the ceasefire agreement..

On the 16th of this month, India and Pakistan had a fierce exchange of fire near the line of actual control in Kashmir, when they accused each other of violating the ceasefire agreement and provoked a dispute.

In addition to the vicinity of the actual control line between India and Pakistan, the situation in other parts of Kashmir has continued to be volatile.

Three militants were killed in a firefight with government forces Sunday in Srinagar, the capital of the Indian controlled Kashmir region, French 24 reported.

According to local police, the fighting took place in the area of zoonimar in the densely populated old town of Srinagar. In addition to three militants killed, another house was destroyed in the fighting.

The clashes are the second in the old city of Srinagar this year, killing more than 100 militants, the report said.

Since the end of March, India has taken nationwide blockade measures to prevent the outbreak, during which time India has been strengthening its efforts to counter the insurgency in this disputed area. Reported that the rebel groups in Srinagar have been fighting for the independence of the region or integration into Pakistan for decades, and have been widely supported by the people.

In August last year, India officially announced the cancellation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and the interruption of communication in the region, which has not yet been completely lifted. Indias move triggered continued unrest in the region and renewed tensions with Pakistan.

In the past month, India has been in continuous conflict with its neighbors: shelling Pakistan controlled Kashmir; breaking promises in the kalwan valley area of the China India border, crossing the line without permission and launching provocations; celebrating the completion of the road passing through the disputed area with Nepal last month, which triggered strong protests in Nepal.

In January this year, Geng Shuang, then spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, said that the Kashmir issue is a dispute left over from history and should be properly resolved by peaceful means in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, relevant Security Council resolutions and bilateral agreements.