Zhang Wenhong even said three big words of truth. Today, I dont call on you to stay at home again.

 Zhang Wenhong even said three big words of truth. Today, I dont call on you to stay at home again.

At the forum, Yang Yang, Chinas first gold medal winner in the Winter Olympics and chairman of the Athletes Committee of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics, said that as long as he did not travel, he would arrange special time every day to accompany his two children in sports. Hearing this, Zhang Wenhong envies, envies and hates.

He said: clinicians have to stand beside the hospital bed. Now I can play basketball and run with my children for very little time. I very much hope that the epidemic will pass soon and return to normal. Summer vacation is coming soon. I hope I can have more time to play sports with my children.

Before that, I was looking forward to the school resuming soon. Under the epidemic situation, when students just returned to school, their physical fitness must have declined at first, even their intelligence level. Test results will be reflected.

Zhang Wenhong also showed firm confidence in the current anti epidemic achievements. He hoped that the athletes would return to the arena as soon as possible, and the artists would return to the theater as soon as possible

Zhang Wenhong spoke bluntly at the seminar on science and literature and art held on the 20th

He mentioned the idea that Luo huaizhen, vice chairman of the Chinese Dramatist Association, was going to move the theatre outside. In fact, Im afraid of it. Its a great distrust of our anti epidemic achievements. Personally, I dont quite agree. I think there are many types of art, including outdoor art and indoor art. In fact, they are not determined by ourselves. It is a social orientation that pushes you forward.

He said that after every performance stopped, there was a family behind it. After every movie stopped, the artistic life of an artist was discounted. The most gorgeous youth of a movie actor, a ballet dancer and an opera actor is only ten years. One years suspension means that 10% of art life is discounted. So is sports.

We all hope that you will come back to your own stadium and theater as soon as possible. After todays forum, we have more to the art, the general public to the art. We continue to start our daily life.

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