Do the people leaving Beijing need to be tested after arriving at the destination? Response from the health care Commission

 Do the people leaving Beijing need to be tested after arriving at the destination? Response from the health care Commission

We have noticed that after the recent outbreak in Beijing, some places have successively issued some policies, aiming at the personnel from high-risk streets and townships in Beijing, including those related to the new market, to take some measures of nucleic acid detection and centralized isolation.

As you all know, by June 16, Beijing had adjusted its emergency response from level 3 to level 2. At the same time, it also stipulated that the high-risk street and township personnel and the relevant personnel of the new market should not leave Beijing. Other personnel adhere to the principle of not leaving Beijing unnecessarily. If it is really necessary to leave Beijing, nucleic acid testing should be carried out. In view of such situations, we have put forward some requirements to strengthen the health management services for those who leave Beijing, including the following aspects:

First, from May 30 to June 16, we all know that our provisions for this period are relatively based. This period comes from Beijings medium and high-risk streets and townships. In Beijing, because of its large area, Beijing classifies the risks according to the streets and townships. For these personnel and relevant personnel of Beijing New development market, each place should strengthen tracking management In principle, the nucleic acid test should be carried out, and the personnel with positive nucleic acid test should be isolated, and the close contacts of suspected cases, confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections should be isolated. If the nucleic acid test is negative, these personnel should carry out 14 days of centralized isolation medical observation. For other people with negative nucleic acid test, the unit and community should strengthen health management, urge them to do a good job in 14 days of health monitoring and personal protection, if there are some symptoms of fever and cough, they should go to hospital in time.

Second, after June 16, those who hold the negative nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days before leaving Beijing, or can show the health code including the negative nucleic acid test certificate, can flow freely and orderly under the premise of normal temperature measurement and personal protection after arriving at the destination. No more restrictive measures should be introduced or set up for such personnel.

Third, due to special circumstances, before leaving Beijing, there is no time for nucleic acid detection. After arriving at the destination, nucleic acid detection should be carried out. If the nucleic acid test is negative, normal temperature measurement should be carried out, personal protection should be done, and free flow can also be carried out. We still hope that such measures will be followed and implemented by all localities.

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