Qin Lans practice of unshakable plain face

 Qin Lans practice of unshakable plain face

After the visit, we made another two-year agreement. At that time, I think, she has probably entered another stage of her life.

Shes too resourceful

The production team of blame you for being too beautiful focuses on Qin Lans nature of being soft and tough. But in Qin Lans view, Mo Xiangwan is not only tough inside, but also gentle outside. So, she cut short hair and lost weight. Before entering the group, she kept her weight at 92 Jin steadily.

In the play, his entertainer Gao Pan the play of the big director needs the efforts of the agent. Dont use her business mind and resources integration and exchange to strive for better opportunities for her artists. Sometimes, her personal feelings will be used as chips.

Qin Lan said that everyone wants to have a late style agent, only work, no life, always strive for the best interests for their artists. But this is not the case in reality, there are too few such agents.

Some artists have a great say in the drama group, and even some female one can decide who will play female two. Even with such a right of speech, Qin LAN does not want to exercise this privilege easily. At most, I will have several suggestions, and finally I will give them to the production team.

This is the difference between Qin LAN and Mo Xiangwan who are people in the same circle. Qin LAN is loose most of the time. She is seldom so radical in her life, and she is easy to reconcile with herself.

People who have seen this play will naturally be curious: how similar is this story about the entertainment circle to the real entertainment circle?

Eighty percent. Qin Lan said after measuring, we will have a very familiar feeling.

The entertainment industry must be competitive, with a large number of new people and changing times. Especially in the past two years, due to the freezing period, the shortage of resources and the lack of drama, several platforms will increasingly consider what kind of drama to do. Maybe now the investment is getting lower and lower, because its hard to recover the cost, so the lower the pay is, the better. There are so many actors, it must be the lower the price, the better the price performance, and who I use. A role usually has several alternatives. No. 1, No. 2, No. 2, No. 3. It must be like this. And now with actors, you have to ask Party A, for example, if the platform thinks o is not OK and his attention is high enough, it is a normal and constant standard.

Qin LAN is not confused

Recently, the word sister has been popular on the Internet. These sisters are sexy, domineering and free. Time and experience broaden the tension of their lives. But in fact, every woman faces the same bottleneck at a certain age. Opportunities are less and less, but they are always reluctant. They are like a flower in the late summer, trying to burn the last fragrance.

In the follow-up, especially after a period of no special hit, you have less choice. For example, if you have a hit show and some people pay attention to it, you may have a lot of opportunities. For example, its hard to find an actress who is a little bit middle-aged to be a big hostess or a very important position, maybe acting two or three, which is also very common.

Qin LAN is not confused. She is not so persistent. During the conversation, I found that her choice was always habitually following the trend. She naturally accepted the changes in her situation. For a middle-aged actress, such a change comes without a stir.

This process may have been experienced by mature actresses before, but at that time we didnt pay attention to them and their emotions were not amplified. At that time, we were still young and vigorous, still under the aura, but you will come across the ceiling slowly, we cant have been dominating the screen for decades.

This is a natural law of front wave and back wave. Itll make you feel better. Theres no need to drill there. Qin Lan said that many things need to be faced and endured by yourself. People only have to accompany themselves for the longest time, so you need to timely reconcile with yourself and civilize yourself.

Kaihua and reconciliation are Qin Lans habitual thinking of dismantling life problems. I often wonder how hearty the moment of Enlightenment is. Ask her, she cant say, Im a teenager.. Ask again. She thinks about it. It may have something to do with grandma.

In Qin Lans memory, grandma is a wise and open-minded old lady with a mans mind. Of course, she is also very careful about her granddaughter. Its bitterly cold in the Northeast in winter. She put a warm water bag in Qin Lans quilt before going to bed every day, and then made the quilt into a small nest. Qin LAN felt only warm every time she got in.

Qin LAN talked about her strict father. After dinner, everyone has to work on hygiene. When he was a child, he broke a cup with his hands and feet, and his father would be angry: girls, they are impetuous.

I was strangled at that time.

In the spring of 2020, each of us deeply felt the taste of losing freedom. Those who wandered around or lived in peace were all disrupted by an epidemic. Qin LAN is no exception.

I thought that she must enjoy such a passive and free life. But she spread out her hands and said with a slight frown, its too hard.

After attending the Spring Festival Gala, she had to go back to Hengdian to make a film at the beginning of the new year because of her long leave. After only one day of filming, the next day the crew announced that they would stop working. Its a gift. Qin Lan thought in her heart. Because the recording Spring Festival Gala stayed up very hard, just in time for the crew to stop working, let her catch a breathing space, God, I cant believe I can sleep until I wake up naturally.

But Qin Lan also did not expect that this gift to later become a kind of suffering. She watched the videos on the Internet and cried bitterly, for those who left us and for the medical staff who were retrograde to help Hubei.

The depression of that time made her hard to let go. It seems that you were pinched by your neck all the time. In this way, she stayed in a house of more than 100 square meters rented by Hengdian for more than a month, cleaning and disinfecting every day. Fortunately, the girlfriend who lives together has a good cooking skill, otherwise she is afraid that she will starve to death alone.

At that time, Qin LAN suddenly found that people cant live without freedom. You are locked in a room every day, one day is good, two days are good, even ten days can bear it, but you have been here for more than a month, and you dont know when its the end, you will be very desperate.

Im not a lonely person

Emotion is almost one of the contents that Qin LAN cant avoid. Before asking questions, I asked her tentatively if she would be asked too many times, bored - not out of prying into the privacy of a female artist - I think we should pay more attention to her feelings as an independent individual. She was more calm than I was. No, its kind to be cared for.

A single person so far. When we all say this fact, Qin LAN cant help but take a look at herself, what a miserable feeling. Yingcaier, a good friend, has had two children. He was supposed to be together.

Before, there was a friend who made a blind date for her. Later, I saw it. It was good for her to be alone, but she was not too worried. Isnt it the life that many people yearn for when she lives so freely? Why do you have to pull her into the water?

When Qin LAN came back to Beijing after filming, she lived with her parents, stayed with them at leisure, had some friends, and the time was full again.

I dont think its a special blank, but sometimes I think I should also have a love affair, go to a movie together, go out for dinner together, etc. but in fact, you will think that there is no special essential difference between asking a good friend to go to a movie together and having dinner and eating with family members and friends, except that there is no one who can have children That man.

Time is flowing, life is expanding, and mind is growing. I didnt know how to refuse before. I had a friends appointment. But now she would rather leave some time for herself, for the more important people.

To her parents, she gradually put away her little mood; even the two teenage dogs in her family are old and ugly, but she praises them every time she goes home, you are the most beautiful dogs in the world, they understand, they are very happy.

Will you pursue a complete life? I asked her.

I will. What is perfection? Qin LAN asked herself, I want to be married all the time; I want him to be healthy when I have children, grow up with him, and give him a complete childhood; I will always accompany my parents until they come to the end, which may be a success..

Qin Lans visit ended five minutes before the closing of the studio. Many questions could not be asked in detail. Today, I will reorganize my writings and look at myself: whose life is not a journey of plain cultivation? Produced by | entertainment focus | author | Zhang Jing photography | Zhao Wei | compiled by | Jin Chengwu this article is produced by entertainment focus (focus), an original in-depth column of Netease Entertainment. It is jointly created by the main journalists and editors. It directly attacks various insides of the entertainment circle and interprets hot events and characters. Source: Entertainment focus editor: Jin Shu_ NBJ4322

Qin Lans visit ended five minutes before the closing of the studio. Many questions could not be asked in detail. Today, I will reorganize my writings and look at myself: whose life is not a journey of plain cultivation?

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This article is produced by entertainment focus, an original in-depth column of Netease Entertainment. It is jointly created by major journalists and editors to directly attack various insides of the entertainment circle and interpret hot events and characters.