Ma Yun is in pursuit of Ma Huateng! Have you seen Huang Zhengs ambition?

 Ma Yun is in pursuit of Ma Huateng! Have you seen Huang Zhengs ambition?

Ma Huateng is still ahead of Huang Zheng, ranking 19th with $51.5 billion (364.1 billion yuan).

Who is Huang Zheng?

Two months ago, pinduoduo released the 2019 financial report; then, Huang Zheng sent a letter to Gu Dongxin that made female journalists crazy.

In April 2015, Huang Zheng founded pinhao; then in September 2016, pinhao and pinduoduo announced the merger, and Huang Zheng served as the chairman and CEO of the new company.

On July 26, 2018, pinduoduo officially landed in the US capital market.

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Huang Zhengs self introduction

We have compiled his life trajectory from Huang Zhengs own official account.


Huang Zheng finished primary school in the suburb of Hangzhou. In this primary school, Huang Zheng took part in the Olympic Mathematics and won the prize. The primary school teacher advised him to apply for the entrance examination of Hangzhou Foreign Language School (middle school). At first, he resisted, because he thought this school was a pure foreign language school. He wanted to go to a middle school with stronger mathematics and chemistry, but the primary school principal found him and persuaded him. Huang Zheng became the only one in this primary school to enter Hangzhou Foreign Language School in 9 years student.

Middle school: Hangzhou foreign language school. This is a very good school. According to Huang Zheng, in the early 1990s, there were foreign teachers, foreign middle school students to communicate, and the opportunity to do homestay abroad. Compared with other middle schools, they accept the influence of western culture earlier, to a deeper degree and in a larger proportion.

Huang Zheng concluded that from middle school and University, he strengthened his impression of these:

1. Its a small probability event that the Golden Phoenix flies out of the gully. Most of the rich second generation, especially the official second generation, are excellent.

3. Money is a tool, not an end.

His regret during his stay in school was that his goal orientation was too clear, he wasted too much time in pursuing first and striving to be a good student, lost a lot of rebellious, troublemaker and pure enjoyment of youth, and later he realized that 600000 is a good philosophy for many years.


The first company he got paid was Microsoft. Huang Zheng, as an intern, has interned at Microsoft Beijing Research Institute and Microsoft Redmond Research Institute, but he didnt stay because life tutor advised him to go to Google.

Google. After graduating from graduate school in 2004, Huang Zheng went to Silicon Valley, and Google became his official job as a code agriculture and product manager. Later, it coincided with Googles entry into China. As the first batch of employees back to China, he participated in the initial stage of Google China. He has been at Google for three years. He has experienced and understood the difficulties of foreign Internet companies in China and the competition with domestic Internet companies.

In 2007, he started his own business.

Huang Zheng and Ma Yuns road to wealth

In 2002, Huang Zheng went to study in the United States after graduation, and then met Duan Yongping. When he graduated from graduate school in 2004, Duan Yongping gave up Microsoft and went to Google, which was just starting at that time. Although he only took three years with Google, the listing of Google enabled Huang Zheng to basically achieve financial freedom.

On July 26, 2018, pinduoduo was listed in the United States with an issue price of $19 and a market value of $24 billion. Based on the issue price at that time, Huang Zheng, who accounted for 46.8% of pinduoduos shares, has become one of Chinas top billionaires with a fortune of more than $11.3 billion. Correspondingly, given that pinduoduo is one of Alis most powerful rivals in the field of e-commerce, Huang Zheng has also been secretly compared with Ma Yun.

On October 10 of the same year, the 2018 Hurun rich list was released, and Huang Zheng was included in the list. He was worth 95 billion yuan, while Ma Yun was the richest man at that time, worth 270 billion yuan.

On February 26, 2019, Hurun Research Institute released the global rich list of Hurun 2019. Ma Yun ranked 22nd with 260 billion yuan, becoming the richest Chinese in the world, and Huang Zheng ranked 73rd with 100 billion yuan.

On October 10, 2019, Hurun 2019 rich list was announced, Ma Yun family still ranked first with 275 billion yuan, Huang Zheng family with 135 billion yuan, narrowing the gap with Ma Yun.

On February 26, 2020, Huang Zheng ranked 60th in the 2020 Hurun global rich list with a wealth of 126 billion yuan, Ma Yuns wealth increased by 15%, ranked 21st in the world with a wealth of 315 billion yuan, and is still the richest Chinese.

However, in recent months, pinduoduo soared, with a market value of more than $100 billion, and Huang Zheng finally surpassed Mr. Ma.

Looking back on Ma Yuns road to wealth, Mr. Ma first won Chinas richest man in September 2014. At the age of 50, Ma Yun and his family won Chinas richest man for the first time with a fortune of 150 billion. It is 15 years since Mr. Ma founded Ali.

At present, pinduoduo has just been established for 5 years, and Huang Zheng is only 40 years old.

Ten years later, what will be the appearance of pinduoduo and Huang Zheng, 50, who have been established for 15 years? Will it have become the richest man in China?

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