Expose that trump may betray Taiwan netizens: Taiwan independence group cry

 Expose that trump may betray Taiwan netizens: Taiwan independence group cry

According to Taiwans Lianhe daily, Bolton, a former U.S. national security adviser, is scheduled to launch his new book the room of the incident: Memoirs of the White House on the 23rd, which was acquired by the newspaper on the 21st. In the book, Bolton said that after President trump betrayed the Syrian Kurds in November last year (2019), there was speculation that he would be the next one to be betrayed. In this list, Taiwan has been betrayed Top of the list.

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According to the report, Bolton wrote in the book: after I left the White House, when trump turned his back on Syrian Kurds, there was speculation about who he might turn his back on next. Taiwan is at the top of this list of defections, and as long as trump is still president, this situation is likely to continue, which is not a happy prospect. Bolton also said that Taiwan would like to sign a free trade agreement with the United States, but Bolton believes that the agreement is not good for the United States at all.

As for Boltons suggestion that trump may turn his back on Taiwan, when Taiwans Pro Green media Sanli news network reports, use the word trick on trump in the title

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According to Taiwans Lianhe daily, Boltons remarks are a major warning to the DPP authorities who follow the absolute pro american line.

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Boltons description of Taiwan as the next Kurdish may be alarmist, but its not aimed at nothing, the associated said. Because in history, in 1949, when the Kuomintang came to Taiwan, the Truman administration proposed a policy of hands-off in 1950. In 1972, the Nixon administration signed the Sino US joint communiqu with the mainland. The Carter government further announced that it would break diplomatic relations with the Republic of China by the end of 1978, and establish diplomatic relations with Chinese mainland in the coming year (1979).

The United Daily said that no matter the Truman, Nixon or Carter administrations, the policy adjustments of that year had caused certain harm to Taiwan, but such adjustments were made in consideration of the overall interests of the United States. In contrast, Trumps governments decision-making, as described in Boltons book, puts the individuals political interests above the national interests as a whole, which is also the biggest risk for Taiwan to become a pen point, chess piece and other disposable or trading tool at any time. The DPP authorities chose to turn to the U.S. policy and entrust the fate to the good faith of the U.S. so that Taiwan would lose its independence in fighting for living space between the U.S. and the mainland, and also put itself at risk of betrayal at any time.

As for Boltons statement, some island netizens satirized that the Taiwan independence faction and licking America faction would cry when they heard it. Some netizens said that this fact does not need to be disclosed by Bolton, but is known by Taiwanese people who have a little knowledge of history and enough sensitivity. But those who support the green camp are reluctant to face the truth and have unlimited expectations for the United States. There are also netizens who think that it has nothing to do with trump. It is the United States that will turn its back on Taiwan at any time. After all, it is only a chess piece. A kind of

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