Cai Yingwens second term of office: a poll of full moon station shows that he failed in many indicators

 Cai Yingwens second term of office: a poll of full moon station shows that he failed in many indicators

Information chart: Tsai ing Wen (source: United News Network)

Overseas network, June 22 - the island think tank held a full moon poll on the 22nd of Tsai ing Wens second term. The results showed that Taiwanese peoples confidence in improving the islands economy in the future was only 5.4 points (Full Score: 10 points), failing to meet the passing standard; nearly 50% of the respondents had no confidence in Tsais ability to solve the unemployment problem. Asked if they had confidence in narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor, the public gave only 4.39 points.

According to the data released by the national policy research foundation, a blue camp think-tank, Taiwans unemployment rate and the number of unpaid leave have reached new highs. The unemployment rate is as high as 4.03%, the highest in the same period in seven years, with a sharp increase of 0.31 percentage points over the previous month, the largest increase since the financial crisis. The number of unemployed has reached 481000, a new high in six and a half years. Among them, the number of unemployed people who closed factories rose 36000 in a month, a record since the financial crisis.

Is there any confidence in the ability of the authorities to deal with unemployment The results showed that 49.2% of the respondents expressed no confidence, only 6.8% responded very confident. According to the poll, not only did the Taiwanese give a failing score of 5.4 points to improve their confidence in the future of the island, but also only 4.39 points to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, and only 4.91 points and 5.19 points to confidence that social conflicts will reduce and confidence that Taiwans future will be fairer and more just, respectively, which also failed.

According to the think tank, the number of people taking unpaid leave has also gone all the way up. The latest statistics of Taiwans labor department is 29000, close to 30000, a 10-year high. 90% of all the people have no pay leave in the manufacturing industry, which is combined with the aforementioned 36000 monthly increase in the number of unemployed people in factories. The decline of the manufacturing industry is very serious, and the authorities must put forward effective measures for revitalization as soon as possible.

It is understood that the survey took place from June 14 to 16 by means of telephone random sampling. The number of samples was 1130, with an error of no more than u00b1 2.92 percentage points at 95% confidence level.