Good to laugh Xiong Ziqis northeast cavity reappears white clouds and black soil

 Good to laugh Xiong Ziqis northeast cavity reappears white clouds and black soil

In this program, Xie Nas players are the defenders. She has sent Xiong Ziqi and Wu Jinyan to defend. Xiong Ziqi, who started the battle, and Ren Zihui, who was from the happy family, became a couple in need of love test. They have been worried about the test of love upgrading all their lives. They have been defeated and fought repeatedly, but they have been baffled by a problem of what is love. During the performance, Xiong Ziqi incarnated as the rhyme champion and was full of rapture and rhythm. The famous audience frequently said: are you still noisy? Still noisy? Like a sea grass, sea grass, fluttering with the wind, rhyme champion, ten thousand fans, northeast famous mouth bear Ziqi. In the end, Xiong Ziqi swept over other novice players with the highest score of 111 points since the start of broadcasting, and won the championship of the game.

Wu Jinyan brought a comedy performance about time for sale. In the show, she plays a girl who sells time for money. In the time exchange, she haggled with a group of buyers and lost precious time while satisfying the money desire. Before she died, she came to realize that she wanted to buy back the years she had sold. At the end of the performance, Wu Jinyan lamented: others have made this life a thick Xinhua Dictionary, while I have made a thin leaflet.

Shen Ling amusement park de se dating and reception

Lou Yixiao performs a great reversal of the role of father and daughter

Under the pressure of the impeccable performance of the defending side, the performance of the attacking side is also impressive. Shen Ling of Li Tans group plays a boy with a lack of social morality, laughs with his blind date girl in the playground, and deliberately destroys all kinds of facilities in the park by various wonderful means. However, the amusement facilities with vital signs are unbearable after being injured for many times, and finally take Shen Ling to the carousel. In the performance, the inflatable dolls inflated themselves, and the funny scenes such as the human body Basketball pattern passed to each other captured the laughter of the whole audience. When Shen Ling appears as a merry go round, it is the theme of if all things have life.

Lou Yixiao, as a challenge attacking player of Shen Tengs players, plays the fathers daughter parent in the theme comedy if the elderly also want to go to university. The actors vividly portray their fathers mischievous stories and their daughters godfathers fantastic stories. The development of the plot between father and daughter from fighting wisdom and bravery to mutual understanding also reflects the real family problems. The display of life details such as fathers drinking in class, collusion with uncle and classmates, etc. makes the whole creation cordial and real.

Its a good laugh at 20:10 on the evening of this week, the third round of attack and defense challenge arena competition will be staged.