Looking for Dongguan starts, audience locks in top flow hot type Butter Crab

 Looking for Dongguan starts, audience locks in top flow hot type Butter Crab

Dongguan people follow the season and use simple folk customs to gather the gifts of the day on the table and make them delicious. All kinds of Dongguan style flavors depict the unique recipes and taste memory of the city. The Butter Crab, Guiwei litchi and other delicacies in the slice are immediately locked by netizens, which seems to be the popular choice of Dragon Boat Festival.

Advantaged records the change of seasons

AI Cao is a popular wild vegetable in spring in the south of the Yangtze River. Dongguan People match it with eggs and crucian carp to make a fragrant and delicious AI Cao fried egg and AI Cao crucian carp soup. I eat 300 litchi every day, and I dont want to be a Lingnan man. Dongguan summer abundant rain, then breeds the Guiwei litchi, lets the human salivate more. Litchi sliced chicken, litchi amber walnut and asparagus, the flavor of cinnamon adds a clear and sweet taste to other ingredients. In addition to sweet litchi, the sweetness of Nuomici litchi is also refreshing.

The meat quality and flavor of green crab are different in different seasons. In winter and spring, there are Mori crabs, and in summer and autumn, there are paste crabs, which are very delicious and impressive, but they are also better than the butter crabs that appear in midsummer, which are full of golden juice, extremely delicious and have a long aftertaste. In the late autumn, Dongguan people use the rare sunny day to dry their food, and the delicious dishes such as shady vegetables and dried winter melons come to the stage one by one.

Bacon is the most indispensable firework flavor on the table in winter. Dongguan people always treat Dongguan people with delicious dachshund, steamed pigs scalps with flexible taste, and golden silver embellishment with tough outer layer and sweet inner layer. Winter four treasures winter regiment, radish, sweet potato, sweet water and salty pill bring comfort to people who are busy for a year, and draw a harvest ending for this year.

Restore the pyrotechnic atmosphere of world factory

Dongguan is becoming more and more modern, but the Dongguan people behind the delicious food, from food to life, have always kept the most traditional appearance. Both Luo Weiguo, who is busy in Litchi forest, and Lu Guohua, who guards his own land, adhere to the traditional way of life.

As the director of looking for Dongguan introduced: behind every kind of food, there are four seasons of circulation and bad taste of life. After finding these, the food presented is not simple food. For example, in the section of litchi, in addition to the flowering, growth, maturity and harvest of litchi, which is a good fruit in Lingnan, there are also two old people living together, their children and grandchildren, their neighbors and relatives, and other related contemporary rural life in Dongguan.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020