Xu Guangjian: how to break the chaos of live tape

 Xu Guangjian: how to break the chaos of live tape

Author Xu Guangjian (Professor, School of public management, Renmin University of China), she Xinyi (doctoral student, School of public management, Renmin University of China)

In the 618 Shopping Festival just in the past, the turnover of major e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong has been breaking records for many times, and the off-line sales and purchases are also booming, which reflects the huge potential of Chinas consumer market, and also conveys the strong confidence of consumers in the market recovery under the new situation of positive results in the fight against the epidemic. In particular, it is worth noting that live delivery has sprung up as a new concept of this years 618 Shopping Festival. First of all, we need to affirm that as a new business form, live delivery should not only promote consumption and enrich the innovative value of commercial culture, but also take precautions to prevent risks, put the protection of consumers rights and interests at the first place, and promote the smooth development of live delivery along a healthy path.

Xu Guangjian

Live delivery is a new concept. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the rising trend of Internet development, but it has been widely concerned and popular in the background of fighting against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Live broadcast with goods is an operation mode in which the anchor signs a service agreement with the network business, promotes and sells the goods through live broadcast on the network platform, and attracts consumers to make shopping decisions through personal influence and marketing ability, commodity characteristics and preferential activities. In recent years, the mode of live delivery has been gradually accepted by consumers and businesses. Driven by Li Jiaqi and Weiya, all e-commerce platforms, social platforms, MCN (multi channel network) institutions, webcasts and businesses have entered. Under the impact of the new crown epidemic, the auxiliary role of live delivery in stimulating consumption, especially in poverty alleviation, has been recognized by the society, From the host of CCTV to the Secretary of many poor counties and county heads, they all participated in the live delivery. However, it can not be denied that with the development of live broadcast with goods ecology, some false propaganda, selling three no products, difficult after-sales service and other issues that damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are also constantly seen in the media. We have sorted out some problems that damage the rights and interests of consumers, mainly due to the following three points:

First, the profit space of live broadcast goods is low, and stakeholders need to find another profit point, at any cost to damage the rights and interests of consumers. In the live delivery, in addition to the profit compression caused by the original need to drive sales through price reduction and discount, merchants also need to pay high commissions or even profit commissions to the anchor. The Commission is directly proportional to the influence of the anchor and the carrying capacity, and ideally also to the carrying sales. For luxury goods with high profit margin and price elasticity, such as high-end cosmetics, businesses have the ability to trade price reduction for sales promotion, and have the ability to guarantee product quality and after-sales service. However, for daily chemical products with low profit space and low price elasticity of demand, businesses do not have much space to reduce prices to attract consumers to buy, nor enough marketing fees to pay commissions. It is difficult to make money with live delivery. Therefore, regular businesses are less involved. Instead, they are the three non products with huge profit space and the IQ tax health care products businesses with frequent false publicity are the most motivated Participation. In addition, for the recent wave of live broadcast products consuming poverty alleviation products, some anchors reflect that in order to make profits, the quality of delivered products and the quality of live broadcast display products are not completely consistent, which leads to consumption disputes. If the interests of the anchor are damaged after consumers complain, they will not continue to carry such non-standard products in the future, and the reputation of poverty alleviation products is damaged It is not conducive to the long-term development of the industry.

Second, the entry threshold of live broadcast with goods is low. Some anchors have high quality, but we cant fail to see that some are worried about their quality and over pursue their interests. After the rise of live delivery, many new media organizations and online celebrities swarmed in, and everyone wanted to be the next head anchor. The market competition was very fierce. The profit of MCN organization comes from training more popular anchors, reaching cooperation with more businesses, and making more money as soon as possible. The training of anchors is more about how to promote sales and suck powder. The standard of selecting anchors is generally Yan Zhenggao with low education and easy to control. The relationship between core interests and quality of partners, product quality control and consumers interests is weak. The organization can In order to public relations false publicity and consumer complaints and other events through small compensation, we will not pay attention to such events in daily operation. No matter it belongs to MCN organization or independent anchor, its salary also comes from carrying goods performance. There is no condition to check whether carrying goods copy is false propaganda. In order to make profits, some small anchor of small organization may do something harmful to consumers rights and interests regardless of social responsibility.

Third, the main responsibility is not clear. As the live broadcast with goods is a new thing and new business form, there is no special laws and regulations to regulate the behaviors of different stakeholders. There are also some disputes among legal experts about whether the anchor in the live broadcast products belongs to the Advertising Spokesperson defined in the advertising law of China. However, we can see that after the event of consumer rights and interests damage, the public opinion will criticize the anchor and the businessmen at the same time, and the consumers will seek compensation from both sides at the same time. Compared with the small anchor, the head anchor is not easy and should not shift the responsibility to the businessmen, because the head anchors perennial influence has been close to some movie and television sports stars, and uses his personal image to promote the products, And the head anchor team has a huge operation team responsible for screening and promoting products. If the small anchor belongs to MCN organization, is it necessary to punish the organization that conducts false propaganda for its anchor? And if the anchor repeatedly conducts false promotion and peddling three no products on the social platform, what responsibilities should the social platform and the e-commerce platform that allows the transaction of unqualified products bear respectively? These need to be clear through relevant laws and regulations.

2u3001 Adhere to the inclusive regulatory concept and promote the healthy development of live delivery

The problems of live delivery are determined by the characteristics and development stage of live delivery mode. Looking at the world, Chinas live delivery mode is in the worlds leading position in terms of content richness, experience fluency, live performance data tracking and other backstage support, as well as user scale and traffic. Overseas live broadcast with goods has developed. The live broadcast with goods mode launched by giant e-commerce platform represented by Amazon, social platform represented by Facebook, shopee, lazada and other e-commerce platforms with Chinese background does not have many mature experience that we can learn from. It is also difficult for developed countries to summarize successful practices in the supervision of live broadcast with goods industry. Therefore, in view of the above problems, the following suggestions are put forward in order to optimize the live delivery mode and standardize the live delivery market.

First, control product quality, create a benign competitive atmosphere, and explore the long-term win-win model of live delivery. The era of TV shopping, the predecessor of the new sales mode of live broadcast with goods, has passed. In addition to the universal application of smart phones and 4G networks, people have given up the media of TV, and there have been a lot of vicious events of false propaganda in TV shopping, making people gradually lose trust in TV shopping. The live broadcast of the first mock exam will determine how far this model will go before the next generation of technology. At present, in addition to Xinba, lijiaqi and other online Red anchors, the composition of the anchors is becoming more and more rich, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Entrepreneurs such as Dong Mingzhu directly bypass the institutions and online red to bring goods for their products. Famous actors such as Liu Tao and Zhang Yuqi live broadcast the goods through their personal influence. TV hosts such as Sabine and other local secretaries, mayors and county directors bring goods for consumer poverty alleviation products Live broadcasting with a strong public welfare nature, which encourages all kinds of different modes of live broadcasting to bloom, is of great help to explore the future development of the mode of live broadcasting with goods, but at the same time, it is necessary to avoid bad competition among institutions, and relevant government market regulators should strengthen the handling of various violations.

Second, we should make clear the responsibility of the main body and realize coordinated governance. The relevant government market supervision departments should make clear the main responsibilities of the host, platform, organization and business as soon as possible, as well as the applicable laws and regulations. At the present stage, it is difficult for anchors, institutions and businesses to strengthen the motivation of self-regulation, and the efficiency of supervision and guidance through the platform and government is the highest. In view of the quality of the anchor, the relevant departments have named the anchor profession as Internet Marketer. In the future, it can be considered to establish the qualification training, certification and regular assessment mechanism of the anchor through the platform or industry association, appropriately improve the access threshold of the anchor, and strengthen the long-term supervision of the anchor. The platform can recruit live delivery inspectors similar to mystery customers and online reviewers, regularly spot check the quality level from live broadcasting process, order to after-sales service, reward and punish the live broadcasting room according to the assessment results, and notify the whole platform to criticize and ban the hosts and businesses that seriously damage the interests of consumers. Whether it is expanding the direct broadcast platform of the customer service business (such as fast Kwai shop) or expanding the business platform of live broadcasting business (such as Taobao live broadcast), we should strengthen the qualification examination of the goods that click on the link in the live broadcast, avoid the three no products to be traded through loopholes, and regulate the release of the sales rules and the rules of the sale and refund of freight charges. Local market regulatory authorities may consider opening a special complaint channel for live broadcast of goods, and require each platform to regularly report live broadcast of goods complaints and deal with the relevant data fed back. China Consumer Association should give full play to its advantages in safeguarding consumers rights and interests, and local consumer associations should actively respond to consumers complaints and deal with them in a timely manner.

Third, we need to strengthen social governance, optimize the publicity and guidance of live broadcast with goods, and promote the development of supporting industries. Major events that harm the interests of consumers must be dealt with seriously and publicized to the society through the media in time, so as to eliminate the fluke mentality of bad hosts, institutions and businesses. On the one hand, we should strengthen the construction of supporting cold chain logistics to avoid the damage of product reputation caused by after-sales problems due to logistics and other problems; on the other hand, we should strengthen the training and guidance of farmers, strictly check the quality of products sent out, avoid the problem that the quality of products delivered is inconsistent with the actual product quality, and let local cadres and farmers fully realize that Poverty alleviation through industry is a long-term mechanism, which should not damage the long-term development of local industry due to the greed for small profits.

Live broadcast with goods is in the ascendant. Although there have been some problems, healthy development is the mainstream. Government market supervision departments should not only adhere to the concept of inclusive supervision to promote the development of the industry, but also adhere to the concept of people-centered, constantly innovate supervision methods, and gradually form good and effective industry norms in the development.

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