China Eastern Airlines: sorry for the poor experience

 China Eastern Airlines: sorry for the poor experience

Beijing News (reporter Kou Jiaxiang) on June 21, a netizen disclosed that after he spent 3322 yuan to buy the free air ticket products of China Eastern Airlines on weekends, there was a problem that the qualified air tickets could not be exchanged.

Instructions issued by China Eastern Airlines on relevant products. screenshot

Mr. Wang said that when he planned to buy the mu5296 flight ticket from Chengdu to Hongqiao in Shanghai on June 28, he could buy it normally, but could not use the freefly product to exchange it. It shows that he can buy it, but he cant get the ticket. Since then, Mr. Wang has failed in many attempts. Mr. Wang also failed to solve the problem after contacting China Eastern app online customer service.

Prior to that, China Eastern Airlines officially released a description of relevant products on June 18, saying that the online sales and operation recognition of the products exceeded expectations, and the concurrency exceeded the design capacity, resulting in online congestion. We apologize for the poor experience. The companys technicians have been trying their best to optimize the system network and bring better experience.

In addition, China Eastern said that the company found that there was a phenomenon of online price increase and reselling of related products, reminding customers that the products were only sold in China Eastern app at a price of 3322 yuan. In view of the limited capacity emergency sales of China Eastern Airlines will last for a certain period of time, it is recommended that customers purchase calmly.

Think carefully? It seems that China Eastern Airlines is calling for cash flow

On June 18, China Eastern Airlines officially launched the weekend free flight product. China Eastern said in the product description that consumers can exchange unlimited economy class of China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines on Saturday and Sunday of any week before the end of this year for as long as they pay 3322 yuan. This product is available in limited quantity, but China Eastern did not say how many sets are limited.

Once the product was launched, it triggered a strong response from the market. The purchase entrance of China Eastern Airlines app was once crowded, and many users were hard to get one ticket on the day of 618. On the idle fish, many scalpers began to increase their prices and resell fly at will, which shows the hot demand for products.

Comment on the fancy self rescue of aviation enterprises from the perspective of flying on weekends

It can be said that this is a special product launched in a special period under the epidemic situation. When communicating with the people who design the products of China Eastern Airlines, I learned that the company mainly hopes to use the situation of low weekend seating rate and more spare seats to stimulate more passengers with rigid family visits or flexible travel needs to choose China Eastern Airlines flight. Originally, a passenger only needs to fly once, but he can fly infinitely at the sight of paying three times. He may be willing to pay more money and fly more. If he chooses to fly to Tibet, Xinjiang and other routes, he may earn the ticket price by flying back and forth.