Ali rumor maker apologizes to Ali Wang Shuai: we dont allow people to edit

 Ali rumor maker apologizes to Ali Wang Shuai: we dont allow people to edit

Chen apologized several times in the apology note, and stressed: the relevant marketing number, network water armys forwarding and promotion of the above articles have nothing to do with me personally! I dont know who they are, and I dont have any personal connection with them.

The following is the full text of Wang Shuais microblog:

1u3002 We hope that every Ali people have their own understanding of the world, sincerity to their hearts and common dreams to do meaningful things.

2u3002 To live seriously and work happily is one of Alis values. This is a simple requirement of the company, and it also depends on everyones self requirements and self-control. This value has always been and will be in the future, but the company does not do assessment. This is my assessment of myself in life. Ali does not build a moral model. But we should take our life and work seriously.

The following is xiaobaitianxias apology:

Xi Guohua, general manager of FAW Group, will take the post of vice chairman and general manager of CITIC Group. The growth enterprise market index will rise 1.01%. Technology and securities companies will strengthen. The Attorney General of the United States criticizes the ingratitude of American enterprises and calls on the west to join hands to suppress Huawei. Source: it home editor: Wang Xiaowu_ NF