100000 people scored 8.6 points: if you find that a child is not born

 100000 people scored 8.6 points: if you find that a child is not born

Some people say that consanguinity is an indelible fetter. Others say that company is the longest confession. In life, is the blood relationship more important or the family relationship with many years worth cherishing?

>>>>>>If father can be chosen

In fact, the story in the movie is not so miserable as holding the wrong child in reality. On the contrary, after careful consideration, you can even feel a trace of time is still good.

Although the fact that holding the wrong child to exchange life is worth exaggerating, the tone of the story telling is slow and plain.

Many of them lived happily with their wives and sons. Their son, qingduo, was six years old and preparing for school.

But one day my wife received a call from qingduo birth hospital and was told that the baby was wrong! It was a bolt from the blue. Many of them and their wives couldnt believe it.

The story comes slowly in the long process of familiarity, stay and exchange. The first thing we can feel is two different families and two opposite fathers.

Many of these two families are rich middle class, while the zhaimu family is a common and even a bit market-oriented civilian class.

The teacher asked the children what they had done in summer? Qingduo replied that he flew kites with his father and said that his fathers kites were very good.

Can see the plot behind we know that the child is lying, the busy father comes home very late every day, there is no time to take care of the family, let alone spend time with the child playing jacquard.

Obviously, Ramadan cant provide rich material conditions for his wife and children, but it doesnt affect their family members love and affection. You will feel that this family is living a very smoky life, as if you saw your own life.

Zhaimu can cuddle with the children and make a lot of noise. He can repair the broken toys for the children. He can also huddle in a bathtub with the children to take a bath

The gap between the two families determines that the two fathers have formed a sharp contrast in their attitude towards their children.

We can see from the photos of the two families that many of them give people a sense of superiority, while saimuxiong and his wife are more willing to lean down and smile more naturally.

In the traditional oriental concept, it seems that consanguinity is the origin of kinship and the prerequisite for maintaining family relations. It is not difficult to understand that 100% of families will choose to replace their children in the traditional Chinese medicine hospital such as father and son.

However, when the film puts the contradiction between the kinship maintained by blood and the accumulated kinship in front of us, it will be so shocking.

Perhaps what zhiyuhe wants to tell us is that gene and blood can not block emotional input in the company of inseparable day and night.

When you realize that the child is also looking at yourself, you will know what it is like to be a father or a son in that moment.

>>>>>>Fathers are jobs that no one can replace

It cant be denied that many of them also love their children, no matter for their own son or adopted son, but their love still stays in providing a good material basis, ignoring their inner feelings and aspirations, which also leads to their incompatibility with him.

He is busy at work and often not at home. His adopted son behaves skillfully to make his father happy, while his own son often looks at the outside through the window.

At first, many people didnt think so. When zhaimu reminded him to spend more time with his children, he didnt even think it was meaningful to spend time with them. He still had a very important job to do. At this time, zhaimu said to him a sentence that lit up the whole film: father is also a job that no one can replace.

Its not hard to see that the father of zhaimu is more liked by the children. In the accumulation of years, he knows to sacrifice his time to accompany the children with his heart, and this love, this heart, the children will be keenly aware. The warm company of the father will eventually become the most shining light in the childrens heart, which is worth their lifetime to remember and repay.

Many fathers, on the other hand, look at their children with the thoughts and eyes of adults. They dont bow down to enter into their inner world, and they dont feel that their fragile and sensitive hearts need adults to take care of them with respect and love.

As the French writer morroya said, the tragic misunderstanding between parents and children at a high level is often caused by the fact that adults want to obtain the response and sentiment only adults have in young people.

How do you become a father and a son? In your body, there is your fathers shadow, and in your childs body will also have your brand.

Dad works in the study, Dads back

A pair of barefoot soles,

There is a face on the other end of the foot. It is Dad

Father who works hard and sleeps on the sofa

Father sleeping in bed

So dads, dont use your standards and eyes to look at children, and dont always take advantage of their busy work and neglect their company. In the childs heart, what he really yearns for is that his father can always be around, so simple.

According to the director Shi zhiyuhe, in the stage of script creation, he referred to the reportage of Osamu Ono, which recorded a number of baby holding incidents in Okinawa and other places during Japans high economic growth in the 1970s.

According to this data, many families would choose consanguinity when facing this problem, but two families in Okinawa made the opposite choice. They chose time - not to rush to exchange children, to give them enough time to adapt.

It is based on this real story that Shizhi Yuhe created like father like son.

Fortunately, through the baptism of time, many people finally know how to be a father. He apologized to his adopted son, qingduo, and they hugged each other tightly. There is no denying that consanguinity has an impact on people, and the environment is not unimportant, but only a warm hug can melt strangers.

The fetters and emotions between father and son show in the quiet flowing time, just like the classic saying in Little Prince: its the time you spend on roses that makes your roses so important.

When children learn from their parents, their parents also get spiritual feedback from their children. These two kinds of growth are equally important in the parent-child relationship.

As a father as a son, although it is a film that shows family relations, it does not exaggerate the emotions of great opening and closing, great sorrow and great joy. It is like magic. It still allows us to experience the depth and greatness of father love with the lens of forbearance and restraint, and think about the responsibility of being a fatheru2014u2014

When can a father really become a father? From what moment can a father really hold up the title of father? Shizhi Yuhe raises this question, which seems simple but meaningful. Everyone will have an answer in his mind.

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