Who said the post-90s didnt understand love? They interpreted responsibility and responsibility in this way

 Who said the post-90s didnt understand love? They interpreted responsibility and responsibility in this way

However, in Dengfeng, Henan Province, there are such a pair of post-90s couples. They have experienced the heavy and painful experience that other people of the same age have failed to experience, but they can stay together for seven years and never give up, and finally get married.

Seven years ago, an accident paralyzed Feng Xiaoges lower limbs, who was less than 20 years old. Her life was limited to a small area. Her heart was filled with loneliness and fear. However, what she didnt expect was that he Jinfeng, a boyfriend under 20, not only didnt break up, but also took care of her for seven years. As long as you are by my side, I have the courage to face all difficulties and laugh at all setbacks. This simple and sincere love story of the post-90s young people moved many people around them. On March 29, 2016, a grand wedding witnessed their legendary love story.

On July 13, 2009, he Jinfeng was working. His colleague Ge Ya hurriedly said, Jinfeng, Xiaoge has an accident. Go to Dengfeng hospital and have a look! He Jinfeng was immediately covered. He went to the factory to ask for leave, and then went to Dengfeng as fast as he could.

He Jinfeng is from Pingdian Township, Shangshui County, Zhoukou. In March 2009, at the age of 18, he said goodbye to his parents and brother, went to work in a clothing factory in Xinmi, and met Feng Xiaoge, the same age as him. Feng Xiaoges optimistic and enthusiastic character attracts him like a magnet. Xiaoge also has a good feeling for the steady and steady he Jinfeng. The two young people soon talk about love. After several months of communication, their feelings continue to deepen.

When he saw his lover in the hospital, he was heartbroken. I saw Feng Xiaoge lying on the bed, his body was full of pipes and his legs were wrapped with thick bandages. As soon as he asked, he knew that Feng Xiaoge had gone to play at the classmates home that night. Because it was too hot, she and her classmate went to the roof to enjoy the cool and fell down accidentally. Doctors told he Jinfeng that Xiaoge had broken his lumbar vertebrae, damaged his nerves and paralyzed his lower limbs.

After listening to the doctors words, he Jinfeng immediately sweated profusely. He held the doctors hand tightly: doctor, I beg you, you must save Xiaoge!

Xiaoges condition is not optimistic. She cant move when lying in bed. Her lower limbs are more painful, and she cant take care of herself. The sudden misfortune was a heavy blow to Feng Xiaoges parents. His father, Feng Zhanwei, squatted on the corridor of the hospital with his head folded, sighed incessantly, and his mother, Huang Xia, often sobbed alone. He Jinfeng was also very sad to see their family sad. He could not help Xiaoge to wipe off the sweat on his forehead without saying a word. After watching Xiaoge for a long time, he finally made up his mind. He Jinfeng gathered his girlfriends family together and said firmly, uncle, aunt, I know Xiaoge is a good girl and very strong. Dont worry, I will try my best to take care of Xiaoge. Lets work together and Xiaoge will be better!

He Jinfengs words moved the Feng family. Feng Zhanwei tightly grasped he Jinfengs hand: you are a kind and good child. It seems that Xiaoge didnt read the wrong person. Thank you for your kindness to Xiaoge! No matter what, well try our best. Even if you repent in the future, we wont blame you.

From then on, he Jinfeng began to travel in two places. He went to work in the factory during the day and took a car to the hospital on weekends to take care of his girlfriend. He usually called his girlfriend every day and sang to her on the phone to make her happy. With everyones efforts, Feng Xiaoges situation has finally stabilized.

Who knows before long, another accident happened. On September 17, Huang Xia, who had been depressed because of her daughters accident, suddenly suffered cerebral hemorrhage and died. Feng Xiaoge was very sad and blamed himself for his mothers death. He didnt eat or drink for several days to punish himself. When his wife died, his daughter was seriously injured, and Feng Zhanwei became very old, the family was on the verge of collapse.

He Jinfengs heart is also very contradictory. If he continues to follow Gu Xiaoge, the family will bring him a very heavy burden, and he also wants to give up. But as soon as he closed his eyes, he couldnt help recalling the lovely singing and helpless expression of his girlfriend when he was with Feng Xiaoge. He couldnt help but leave Xiaoge.

The next morning, he Jinfeng sent Xiaoge a meal. Xiaoge, who had been bowing his head, suddenly opened his mouth and said, Jinfeng, please go, its all my life! This sentence let he Jinfeng gas up, he suddenly shouted: what do you mean? Aunt left, but Im still here. I want you to live a good life! Feng Xiaoge avoided her boyfriends eyes and looked out of the window: Jinfeng, dont be silly. This is my life, but you are different. You are so young, smart and practical, and have a good future. Its not worth wasting your youth on me. Weve only been in love for more than half a year, and the relationship foundation is not very deep. I wont blame you for leaving me at this time.

He Jinfeng sits beside his girlfriends bed and pulls Xiaoges face, only to find that Xiaoge has already burst into tears. He felt a pain in his heart and held her hand tightly and said: since the first day I saw you, I have fallen in love with you. I like your smile, listening to your singing, and everything about you Dont think you are my burden. As long as I am by your side, I am happy. Im going to quit my job and stay with you until you recover completely.

Feng Xiaoge was deeply moved by her boyfriends words. She held her boyfriends hand tightly and was unwilling to let it go for a long time. The two people were so close that they could hear each others heartbeat. Seeing her boyfriends resolute face, Feng Xiaoge was in a much better mood. The next day, he Jinfeng returned to the factory and went through the formalities of resignation. Although the leader was moved by he Jinfengs decision, he urged him to think about it again. After all, now the two are just in love. He Jinfeng doesnt have to bear such a heavy responsibility. Some colleagues at the same age advised him to be realistic and think more about his future, but he chose to stay with Feng Xiaoge and take care of her.

He Jinfeng is not a whim. The commitment he made after careful consideration made him devote seven years of youth.

Xiaoge knows what he Jinfengs parents are going to do. Seeing that he Jinfeng is so firmly by his side, Feng Xiaoge is sweet and sad. She decides to get better, so that Jinfeng can never leave him. However, the cost of daily treatment is very high, and they have no income. In the face of these difficulties, Feng Xiaoge is worried, and even often says to give up treatment. When she put this idea out, he Jinfeng, who always had a good temper, shouted at her: have you ever thought about my feelings? I cant stand to be separated from you. As long as you are there, there will be hope in life.

In March 2010, my family couldnt afford a penny. Xiaoges condition became more and more stable. After discussion, we decided to take Feng Xiaoge home.

He Jinfeng, who has already learned massage techniques in the hospital, has since become his girlfriends Royal masseuse. In addition to massage, he also does rehabilitation training for his girlfriend every day according to the doctors advice. Every time before training, help his girlfriend warm up for half an hour, its he Jinfengs most tired time. He would first pull Xiaoges toes one by one, each time looking forward to hearing a clear sound coming from his joints. Then massage the soles of the feet, pinch the calves and thighs, then extend the legs, curl up the legs, and move the joints Xiaoges legs are not moving. She can only watch her boyfriend make efforts. Seeing her boyfriend sweating, Xiaoge, who was lying on the bed, looked at him affectionately with heartache on his face.

The treatment process is very long and boring, and there are inevitably some friction between the two people. One day in October 2012, Feng Xiaoge caught a cold and was very upset. He Jinfeng asked her to keep training. Feng Xiaoge didnt want to, so they quarreled. He Jinfeng said, look at you! If you do, dont say its me, the immortals cant save you! I just dont want to practice today, so you dont have to worry about your own business. At last, Feng Xiaoge cried and said, who let you stay in our house? You go, I dont want to see you in my life!

Feng Xiaoges words made he Jinfeng sad. He said, well, it seems that Im doing my own thing. Im leaving. Take care of yourself! After that, I simply packed up my things and left Feng Xiaoges house. Seeing he Jinfengs distant figure, Feng Xiaoge cried into tears, but her heart was choked with anger. Stubborn, she closed her lips and didnt call her boyfriend back. She thought that it would be better if he left. Without his own burden, he Jinfeng would be so smart and capable that he could make a career of his own.

Leaving Feng Xiaoges home, he Jinfeng felt very depressed. From the first time he saw Feng Xiaoge, he fell in love with her deeply. Since she had an accident, he tried his best to take care of her. Unexpectedly, she didnt appreciate her at all. He Jinfeng felt that his efforts and sacrifice were in vain! In order to take care of his lover these years, he hardly went home. Every time he thought of his parents, he felt inexplicable guilt. However, if Xiaoge is only angry for a while, and she really leaves her, how will she live in the future? He Jinfeng, who was thinking about Xiaoge, didnt go far. He Jinfeng was wandering at the entrance of the village all the time. He looked at Xiaoges house, as if he could see Xiaoges swollen eyes and his heart aching.

In the evening, Feng Xiaoge, who was tired of crying, sat on the bed and felt lost. She had been used to being loved and cared by him day and night. Even his breath was so familiar with nature. Thinking that he might lose him forever, Xiaoge twisted his arm hard, and could not help but burst into tears.

At this time, there was a sound of familiar footsteps outside the door. Xiaoge couldnt help his heart beating faster and stared at the door until the familiar figure appeared. Feng Xiaoge was stunned: arent you gone? Why are you back? He Jinfeng said with a smile: my feet seem to be tied by you, and I cant move any more. Xiaoge, you are my poem and far away, only you can make me feel happy. He Jinfeng stared at her cautiously. Xiaoge, lets think more about each other in the future. Dont be willful, OK? Feng Xiaoge suddenly burst into tears. Facing this man who values love and righteousness, he has no choice but to burn his heart.

Feng Xiaoge is no longer willful, even if the physical condition is no worse, he still insists on training. He Jinfeng often uses a wheelchair to push his girlfriend out of the house. He Jinfeng cleans the yard spotlessly. There are butterflies flying across the yard, mountains and clouds at the far end All these scenes make Feng feel relaxed and happy, and he is full of expectation for the future life.

Seeing that his girlfriends physical condition is getting better and better, he Jinfeng is more confident. He decides to imitate the equipment of the hospital and make a rehabilitation device for his girlfriend. After half a months hard work, he made a parallel bar with a length of about 5m and a height of 1m. Six wooden piles were put into the ground nearly half a meter as supports. The middle two supports and the inclined wood support were more stable, and the long bamboo pole was lying on the top of the supports. For fear of stabbing his girlfriend on the bamboo pole, he Jinfeng carefully wrapped cloth on the pole.

After that, every time the warm-up is over, he Jinfeng will find a self-made rehabilitation brace to tie and fix his girlfriends legs. Then they say Hey in unison, take his girlfriend off the bed, help him to the parallel bar, let Xiaoge hold the parallel bar, and walk back and forth slowly. Do it twice a day, two hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. This kind of training is very boring and very painful. Xiaoge cant accept it at first, but he Jinfeng is determined to supervise his girlfriends training. He put his familys computer in front of the parallel bars, put on some programs that his girlfriend likes, and let her have the interest of training.

He Jinfengs efforts are not in vain. After four or five years of training, Feng Xiaoge can finally walk slowly. Although she walked very slowly and often sweated when she walked a few steps, it was a big breakthrough for her who could only stay in bed.

The love story of he Jinfeng and Feng Xiaoge, the post-90s couple, touched many people. In July 2015, an orthopaedic hospital in Zhengzhou actively contacted him and proposed to give them free treatment. Both of them were excited to hear the news.

After arriving at the hospital, the hospital experts made a special treatment plan for Feng Xiaoge after careful study. He Jinfeng accompanies her every day, gives her confidence, pushes her to carry on the rehabilitation training in the hospital, becomes a rare scenery in the hot summer.

One day in September 2015, he Jinfeng pushed Feng Xiaoge to a forest in Zhengdong New Area. At this time, the autumn is crisp, the climate is pleasant, and the wind caresses their faces. Seeing such beautiful scenery, Feng Xiaoge couldnt help being intoxicated. She snuggled up to her lover and said passionately, Jinfeng, if it wasnt for you, I couldnt have gone to this day. He Jinfeng said with a smile: thats the fate of people. As long as you work hard, you can see the most beautiful scenery. I hope you can really stand up as soon as possible.

Maybe destiny was also moved by the young people. They didnt wait too long.

After more than a month of training under professional guidance, Xiaoge can stand alone for more than 1 minute without supporting anything with a new customized brace. Feng Xiaoge firmly believes that he is not far from the day when he walks with his feet off!

What makes he Jinfeng more happy is that his insistence has finally been understood by his parents. His mother also came to see Xiaoge in the hospital. After asking the doctor, he learned that Xiaoge could take care of his own life in the future, and it didnt affect the birth. Finally, he Jinfengs parents were relieved. When his mother left, he returned 6000 yuan to his daughter-in-law for treatment and living expenses. Seeing that his parents finally agreed to their marriage, he Jinfeng was grateful and completely relieved.

During the Spring Festival of 2016, Feng Xiaoge and he Jinfeng returned to Dengfengs home. At the door of his home, Feng Xiaoge got out of the car and walked more than 10 meters on the road with his walker. Although its only a short distance, its enough to make the couple excited. For this day, they have been waiting for nearly 7 years!

On March 24, a bigger happy event came. They applied for a marriage certificate in Dengfeng Civil Affairs Bureau. On this day, he Jinfeng seemed very nervous, even his hands were shaking, and Feng Xiaoge was particularly beautiful. The staff at the scene gave them the best wishes.

That night, Feng Xiaoge couldnt sleep. She said, Jinfeng, I didnt take care of you, but you waited on me day and night. Do you regret it?

He Jinfeng held her arm and said, Xiaoge, you have given me the most wonderful life, the sweetest and happiest love and the warmest home. How can I regret it? With that, he Jinfeng reached out and stroked her hair. Xiaoge, if there is an afterlife, I will still love you like this. I will never love you enough... Tears couldnt help falling from their cheeks.

Seven years of company in adversity, let alone the post-90s, is not easy for any couple. It is he Jinfengs perseverance that makes Xiaoge confident in his recovery; it is he Jinfengs love parallel bars that makes Xiaoge yearn for and pursue love endlessly. Dont say that the post-90s dont understand love and are frivolous and willful. As long as they have love and responsibility, they can create beautiful love and marriage that people envy and warm each other.