Chen Songling, 49, died of depression after being killed in underwear due to homosexual rumors

 Chen Songling, 49, died of depression after being killed in underwear due to homosexual rumors

Many of them have been artists for more than 10 years. Their professional skills should not be underestimated.

Everyone has a distinct personality.

Countless fans.

But what I like is an elder sister who may not have heard of her name after the 90s and the 00s - the former TVB head of Huadan, Chen Songling.

The first show of sister riding the wind and waves began. Because there was no rehearsal, everyone was afraid to be the first to perform.

Only Chen Songling took the lead in standing out.

She asked them politely, may I go first?

Of course!

As a performer, if there is no rehearsal in advance, there will be many situations.

For example, whether the on-site wheat is suitable, where is the stand, how to cooperate with the stand, if not, it will make a fool of itself on the stage.

She performed the legend of hungry wolf by Zhang Xueyou.

Thick singing, coupled with a jazz dress, rustling.

Although she is 49 years old.

His face is old and his body is not very flexible.

But shes still confident.

In the end, I gave the camera a definite smile, which made everyone applaud her.

Whats a sister who rides the wind and waves?

This is it.

Break through age, break through self and dare to challenge.

Chen Songling, she can bear such a title.

Chen Songling made his debut very early.

At the age of 15, Chen Songling won the ye Qianwen singing competition and entered the performing arts circle.

A little boyish.

But its psychic.

Before long, she was chosen by Hong Kong director Gao Zhisen to take part in the film Ghost horse campus.

Later, Chen Songling was reused by TVB.

In 1989, with a good voice, he participated in the Hong Kong opera Tianya singer.

Zhou Xuan as a pop star of the Republic of China.

The first actor to work with is dawn.

After that, the actor who plays with her, each one is heavier than the other.

Gu Tianle, Zheng Yijian, Zhang Zhilin, Luo Jialiang, Zheng Shaoqiu.

Among them, she and Zheng Yijian co acted in six plays, which became the classic CP in peoples mind.

In 1994, she and Zheng Yijian starred in laugh at the wind and cloud.

Two people in the basketball court, look at each other speechless but shake their heads of the lens, has become a classic.

In 2000, Chen Songling starred in four talents in golden Costume.

Her role as Princess Zhu pingting is very eye-catching.

Originally, take some wild princess, it can be so beautiful.


At that time, she was pure as distilled water.

The starry path is also smooth.

But it all ended abruptly in 2005.

That year, she was driven out of her house by her agent, Po, and she was almost penniless.

For Chen Songling, a Bao is one of the most important people in her life.

This incident almost brought her down.

But the Chen family needed money.

As long as Chen Songling receives the notice, her mother will urge her to put down her homework.

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Go, go, go.

In the acting circle, Chen Songling feels lost.

Chen Songling began to quarrel with his mother.

Once, Chen Songling decided not to act, and her mother hit her directly.

The matter finally came to the police station.

A 15-year-old girl was forced by her mother to sing and act. Even the police couldnt watch it.

Do you want to sue your mother? Asked the policeman.

No, I wont sue my mother, as long as she doesnt hit me again.

Its very painful.

She was still forced to take notice, act and sing.

Finally, she left home.

This is 20 years.

It was Po who took her in.

Po gave her a home and let her finish her studies while filming.

Chen Songling was also praised as a first-line actress.

For Chen Songling, a Bao is a benefactor whose love is higher than the sky and whose kindness is heavier than the mountain.

In those years, Chen Songling and a Bao were as good as a gay couple.

Until the female assistant eeli appeared, Chen Songling fell into the broken back door.

For a female artist, this kind of rumor is extremely disadvantageous.

So Po warns Chen Songling to keep her distance from her female assistant.

Chen Songling is very aggrieved.

Everyone can not believe her, but Po cant.

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Their differences are growing.

Finally, one night, a Bao gave Chen Songling a guest order.

Please get out of here. But according to the agreement, you cant take anything here. .

Po in front of him is so strange that he is scared.

Chen Songling had to beg Han, her second sister, I dont want anything, just my underwear.

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That night, Chen Songling took only her underwear and left.

He left home where he lived with PO for 20 years.

Whats more, Chen Songling doesnt have any money.

At that time, every cent Chen Songling earned was deposited into a Baos account.

Including bank assets and properties under its name.

And Po, its just like doing nothing.

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Chen Songling became an orphan again.

That night, she couldnt help crying.

She didnt understand why the two sisters who had been close to her family had done such things to her?

But fate seemed unwilling to let her go.

At that time, Chen Songlings ovarian tumor had grown to 10 cm in size.

If the operation is not carried out, the situation will be very dangerous.

But she has no money.

Thus, rumors, illness, betrayal of family members and performance career stagnated

All of these make Chen Songling fall into the dark moment of life.

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At one point she thought of suicide.

Fortunately, someone reached for her.

One day at the end of 2005, she received a call from Chen Shufen.

On the phone, Chen invited her to take part in the heroine of the musical Snow Wolf Lake, quiet snow.

This is the second time she has been invited to take part in the show since she cooperated with Jacky Cheung in 1997.

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But she suddenly lost confidence.

She declined Chen Shufen.

Chen Shufen has always encouraged Chen Songling.

Come on, you must come. You are the only one in this role.

After that, Zhang Xueyou also called Chen Songling and invited her to join Snow Wolf Lake.

Chen Songling tries to open her heart and decides to play quiet snow again.

Snow Wolf Lake is a love musical.

But rehearsals are difficult.

Although Chen Songling has more than ten years of singing experience.

But when she stepped on the stage again, she had no idea.

On June 10, 2005, before the premiere at Ningbo Station, Chen Songling threw up nervously in the hotel.

And cried loudly, she was afraid that she could not perform well.

But Jacky Cheung has always encouraged Chen Songling.

Come on, believe in yourself.

On the day of the premiere, Chen Songling drew makeup, dressed in costume and stood in the middle of the stage.

The beauty and wisdom of quiet snow are interpreted in her singing.

Chen Songling seems to have found himself again.

From the end of 2005 to the beginning of 2006, Chen Songling and Zhang Xueyou toured more than 50 times all over the country.

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The venue is full of praise.

Snow Wolf Lake brings Chen Songling out of pain.

But then, Chen Songling ushered in a greater pain.

In November 2006, Chen Songlings father died of illness.

At that time, Chen Songling and his family just let bygones be bygones.

When she learned that her father had died, Chen Songling also held a concert in Singapore.

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When she hurried back, her father had gone.

Chen Songling shed tears of regret before his father died.

The most regrettable thing in the world is that the son wants to raise but his parents are not there.

Chen Songling decided to leave Hong Kong.

Go to the mainland to develop.

In 2007, Chen Songling made the first mainland drama blood is not cold.

I know my husband now, Zhang duo.

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Chen Songling did not know that love would come at that time.

A KTV party, let Zhang duo close contact with Chen Songling.

When singing, Chen Songling took off his high heels.

Zhang duo was immediately attracted by the real girl in front of him.

And Zhang duos maturity and steadiness also deeply attracted Chen Songling.

They are in love.

Chen Songling entered the performing arts circle from childhood, broke up with his family, and was driven out of the house by his agent, with a deep desire to be loved.

Because she is too old Zhang duo.

However, the age gap does not hinder Zhang duos meticulous care for Chen Songling.

He will lose his temper with Chen Songling because of her heavy work.

They will also wear couple clothes and play together.

He will give Chen Songling a little surprise on the program.

And I have to shoulder the heavy responsibility and work continuously.

Chen Songling cant have a baby because of the operation on the fallopian tube.

Whenever someone asks why they dont have children.

Zhang duo claims to be quite a DINK and tries his best to protect Chen Songling.

So far, they have been married for nine years.

Never leave, never give up, and support each other.

Love is never simply I love you, but together.

From peak to fall, then to rise.

Along the way, Chen Songling lost a lot, but also got a lot.

She is grateful to those who have helped her, and she has chosen to forgive those who have hurt her.

Chen Songling thought that this was a challenge when she participated in the sister who has weathered the wind and waves.

She said: I think this program is to go together and bravely face some unknown things...

Whether the front is good or bad.

Shes all ready.

She knew that only by facing bravely could she grow up.

I believe that Chen Songling will take the helm of his own life.

Ride the wind and waves to reach the other side of her.

Come on, Chen Songling!

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