Who is the last Zhen Huan to laugh?

 Who is the last Zhen Huan to laugh?

A collection to see all the things in the world, condensed into a small secret script of performing arts circle struggle, I see that the female stars are fighting for splendor, making every effort to communicate, even show favor, please.

Yes, they are beautiful not because they are actresses, but because they are women.

Wherever a woman is afraid of is a woman pile, there is no!

No one in the workplace has ever been afraid to work together with 30 men to fight wisdom and courage, but they are afraid that the eight directions of meters around the grid are women.

In an industry with many women, its easy to be a talent, because if youre not smart, you wont know how to get out if you dont pay attention. Even your best friend will roll up his sleeve and raise your arrogance with others in the next second, and eliminate you.

Its horrible.

We really dont want to see how the sisters came out in a group. We really want to see who was the winner of this palace drama, Zhen Huan, who would receive the boxed meal in the first episode, and who would enjoy the fame and wealth.

Do you know what is the core positive energy that this group of people or program groups want to convey?

Mango platform is also very considerate out of 0.25 times the speed of membership, in order to let us slowly, magnified to see their micro expression.


1. Peace is not as horizontal as you think. Why?

She said that she was very nervous when she came on stage. The elder sister who stood up all over the court was very nervous. Obviously, her violent temper was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

When Wanxi came to say hello, she took the initiative to say, Ive seen your play, and I said that this actor was very special. Wanxi was warm and smiling, and she fell in love with the whole country in an instant. In the first episode, she was the most popular.

But at that time, tranquility didnt know that so many people expressed their affection for Wanxi. The reason why she showed her affection was because she counseled.

Before the reality show, although she has always maintained her personality, cant bear to say, cant be happy, and can say what she wants to say, but the price of willfulness is not what we think, she really doesnt matter.

Maybe at the beginning she nodded to everyone, not only to Wanxi, who came here to talk actively, but also not to broadcast.

In the interview, she was asked, do you think you can form a group? Or pretend to be relaxed. Why me? Im here for fun.

She said in the second episode, our team cried two people before and after. Why I just dont want to cry? I dont know..

I guess, tranquility will cry once later, no matter how hard it is, there are soft spots in the personality. How can it be touched by?

I also like to play, blind prediction: quiet may not laugh to the end, may not be a group.

Yi Nengjings EQ and IQ are all first-class. She is one of the few women who can get along well with others.

She didnt score very high in the first round, but it just showed her high level. She didnt highlight herself in order to appear and be shot out of the head to perform her own good music.

She stubbornly chooses the songs written by her son, but tries to perform them in a wonderful way, which is more powerful than emotional intelligence.

Whats more, that song is very important. Its written by her son. She paid attention to it. Its the strength of her mother. Shes very fond of it.

With the support of micro blog style, Yi Nengjings talent is just shining, which makes people forget that its an entertainment circle.

There is also a small detail, she cried bitterly when the judge teacher said too much emphasis on herself.

But when she put forward her grievance, she didnt speak loudly, but really wronged Baba.

Her friendliness and dedication to Wang Likun and other members of the team are in everyones eyes. Its really because Wang Likun and other members cant sing, but teach with their hands.

In this case, she could reasonably say: I didnt, I didnt highlight myself, how seriously I taught them both.

But she didnt, she put away her own small bully, but chose a small voice to explain, cleverly aroused the resonance of many people, and cried.

Jingjies intelligence and comforting ability seem to be hard to analyze. In short, she expressed it in a positive way.

Very predict: Yi Nengjing will form a group, although it may not be the first, but the group will need her.

The law of womens viability: to make others comfortable is to make yourself comfortable. To help others is to help yourself.

3. Is smart Zhang Yuqi really stupid, white and sweet?

In fact, Zhang Yuqi doesnt need to talk. We always see her at the first sight when we go there casually.

Help Huang Shengyi and LAN Yingying to change seats. It seems that they have no idea. They dont call her out to offend people foolishly. But in fact, her enthusiasm is very circle pink.

I really dont know what x means when I get x card. Shes not stupid.

Its just to convey a kind of giggling atmosphere and ease everyones tension. Its needless to say that a womens group, even a meal, needs such a woman treasure.

I didnt feel for her before. I like her very much this time.

They all want to change songs. She is obviously more popular than the sorry Wang Likun. She has a straight personality.

But, she is very smart. Before you hit me, Ill be silly first. Are you ok? This protective color is so cute.

The law of womens Survivability: self mockery, self high and self simple are all protective colors that are easy to use

4. First round on the first blue Yingying, so hard to use it?

To be honest, I dont think its useful. Although she works hard, shes also very real. In front of the camera, she said without concealment, Im really ready for this program..

But just as she did in the birth of an actress, she was defeated by the second girl when she performed as the heroine. The fate that cant be avoided.

Her performance is amazing, but also quietly provoked the public anger, which is very delicate in women, especially in the shining stars.

I cant win, but I must be jealous of the winner.

As Huang Xiaoming said when comforting Yi Nengjing, what the judges really want to express is you are too hard to drive them, but you seem to have something about it.

In the first two episodes, if you use force, Yi Nengjing is right. She helps others, and Lala likes her. But LAN Yingying obviously uses force too early, exposing her strength too early.

It can be predicted that within two meters around her, its hard for anyone to really praise her for wanting to make friends with her, and the price of seeking defeat alone may be getting worse and worse.

Although we dont want the rules of the game in this world to be so impolite, the fact is that the adult world cant stand scrutiny, there are no rules, and the terrible gray area will trip those who are really talented and hardworking.

In fact, LAN Yingying is the study committee member of our class. The girl looks very good, but the friendship in the classroom seems to have nothing to do with her. Behind the peace, there are all illusions.

Maybe only if you turn it upside down, someone will come to help you. Otherwise, there is really no chance of physical contact with other people.

Can not bear to predict: Blue Yingying, wipe edge into a group or wipe edge out.

The law of womens Survivability: hard work is very important, but at the same time, there are many important things that can be considered.

Its really hard to break through the crowd of women. I advise my sisters to advise.

One piece cant be written. Later, lets walk and talk with the episode, and know what the great positive energy delivered by the brave sisters is:

Each has its own highlights, and each has its own advice, that is, women!