This old profession of making money with your lower body has a history of thousands of years!

 This old profession of making money with your lower body has a history of thousands of years!

In fact, such a physiological miracle has lasted for thousands of years since the middle ages.

These people who make money by farting are called professional farting people or professional farting experts.

The normal person farts about 5 to 10 times a day, and the gas discharged is about 500ml.

The production of fart mainly comes from the air swallowed into the digestive tract when chewing food, as well as the gas produced by the bacteria in the large intestine and rectum, especially the Escherichia coli and fermented food residue.

The most powerful thing about farting is that you can control your rectum as you like and use farting to make all kinds of rhythm and frequency sounds.

Not only that, their fart sound can also match with various rhythms, and even imitate singing

As musicians, they often performed with bards and harps.

Roland Le fartere, a famous British Farter in the 12th century, entertained King Henry II at that time.

According to relevant records, Roland gets 30 acres (120000 square meters, equivalent to 36300 flats) of land, plus a manor, just by farting in front of the king every Christmas!

There are few records about Roland in history. It is said that in Henry IIIs time, Rolands talent was regarded as vulgar performance, so he also recovered the land and manor granted to him by the previous generation. But this does not affect the pursuit and exploration of Rolands farting.

Not only in the west, but also in the Edo era of Japan, there was a professional fart maker known as fart man, whose leader was known as fog falling flower blooming man.

There are other fartlers, and they can even shoot darts with their butts.

In the scroll the battle of farts which depicts the record of biochemical war in Edo era, Japan, it describes the scene of Japanese fighting with farts at that time - that is, the two sides gallop each other through farts, the two sides quarrel because of eating, blow each other up with farts, and even blow the dog to the sky.

Some people think that the reason why the painting of battle of farts was popular in Edo period of Japan first highlights the disgusting attitude towards European invasion.

Anyway ~ this natural and primitive chemical weapon has also opened the eyes of future generations

The most famous fart maker in history is Joseph Puyol, also known as LEP u00e9 tomane, which means farting maniac.

According to relevant information, padoman was an apprentice in a bakery when he was 13 years old due to his cold family. He went to primary school and then joined the army.

During his military career, padoman stumbled upon his talent and used it as a daily entertainment. He sucked the water out of the pan with his rectum, and then squirted it out a few feet away.

At the same time, he is free to breathe air through his rectum and make all kinds of sounds.

After the end of his military career, padomans farting can gradually shine.

He began to perform in the local concert hall, not only can he fart with a very accurate tone, but also has a proper rhythm. He can also accompany the Orchestra

So the word Orchestra added a new meaning to the symphony of Padman.

Until now, fart makers still exist. In Japan, there is a fart artist named Seiji Matsushita, who became a billionaire by farting.

According to Japanese media reports, Matsushita, now 60 years old, has been studying farting since he was 5 years old. Through long-term and unremitting training, he has mastered the unique skills of farting sound that can emit different timbres. He has become a very rare farting sound effect master in Japan and even in the world, making a fortune in the global tour.

At present, many Japanese game, film and television and sound effect companies have also asked Matsushita to record fart sounds with different timbres. Many people hear farts in games, variety shows and movies by him. Oh no, its his fart

Not only that, Matsushita can easily release whatever fart you want to hear anytime, anywhere. For example, the fart of a beautiful girl, the fart of a beautiful man, the fart of a sexy girl, the fart of a lovely girl, even the fart of your wifes new clothes

Among them, Panasonic also produced a CD that imitates 1000 farts of young girls. The price is nearly 100000 yen (about 6500 yuan), and the sales volume seems to be good

Most buyers said the purpose of buying the CD was to relieve constipation anxiety.

Obviously farting is the fairest thing we are born to be, but we still have to lament that there is a big difference between other peoples farting money and our farting money~

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