Accompany grandma to find the former residence, I saw an era of displacement

 Accompany grandma to find the former residence, I saw an era of displacement

I was brought up by grandma. From birth to growing up, she knows every little thing about me.

She knows that I love Coke. In summer, I will prepare coke every time I eat. But there is more than half of ice in a coke, so as to dilute the concentration to only the color. She knew which Star I was chasing in adolescence, and would leave me the newspaper with relevant reports. When I was in junior high school, she even knew which two students in our class were falling in love. The love letter of adolescence was passed on and read by everyone. Next time he sends it out, you can ask me to read it, grandma said. This kid writes really well.

She studied seal cutting in the University for the aged, and when she went abroad, she also had to take the seal script script with her. She always wanted to find a table to practice seal characters. I often laugh that she is a member of the learning committee of the University for the aged. She doesnt chase after stars, but she is quite familiar with the stars she saw at the Spring Festival Gala, how does Xiao Wu grow up so big? Its different from when she plays Feiliu. It seems that Wu Lei is a child who lives next door to my house and is watched and grown up by her.

Seal script script written by Grandma

I can say a lot about this. I think I know her best in my family.

Grandmas family lives by the river. The crawfish in the neighboring districts and counties is very famous. Ive loved it since I was a child. Once when I was eating crayfish, she looked at the lobster in the red hot oil and said with a smile, you are so powerful. You can eat spicy than Sichuan people.

I raised my head from the lobster pot: who is from Sichuan?

Me. Said Grandma.

How can I never know? I asked.

Because you know me too late. Grandma waved.

When I met grandma, she was 60 years old

At that time, I suddenly realized that although I was dawdling by Grandmas side every day and thought I knew her, it was her after 60 years old. I know little about her past, her birth and growth, her youth and middle age.

Grandmas fathers name appeared in the magazine

In 2014, the theme of one issue of China National Geographic magazine was Lius mansion group in Anren Town, Sichuan Province. The old house formed a Lius manor Museum scenic spot. Among them, there are more than 20 well preserved mansions, some of which are built in groups and some scattered. There is also a satellite aerial photo of Anren town. At the bottom of the picture, the names of the owners of each residence that has been preserved are marked.

When mom saw it, she sent it to grandma. In the summer of 2015, we went to Anren together - because grandma found her fathers name next to those pictures.

The Liu family in Dayi County is a family of Sichuan in modern history. Liu family moved from Anhui to Sichuan in the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, and worked in agriculture for generations. Until the Republic of China, 3 members of the family, Liu Xiang, Liu Wencai and Liu Wenhui, began to prosper.

Liu Wencai and Liu Wenhui are brothers. Liu Xiang is their nephew. Liu Xiang and Liu Wenhui successively entered the military academy. In the early years of the Republic of China, Liu Xiang was the first to rise to the commander of the Sichuan army and supported Liu Wenhui to rise all the way in the military.

Lius three brothers

In 1921, Liu Xiang was elected commander in chief of Sichuan army and governor of Sichuan Province, and became an important figure in Sichuan warlords. Liu Wenhui took the opportunity to appoint his brother Liu Wencai as the director of Yibin Branch of Sichuan tobacco and wine company, director of Xunan ship donation, director of southern Sichuan business protection, director general of southern Sichuan non smoking investigation and seizure, general office of southern Sichuan Taxation Bureau and other positions. At the same time, Liu Wenhui also let him control certain forces.

But soon, Liu began to take advantage of this, while doing opium business, basically took over the control of all the profitable businesses in the area. The two brothers monopolized the military and financial power in southern Sichuan.

Old photos of Lius manor in the Republic of China

Liu Wenhui lost in Yaan, and Liu Wencai retired from military politics and returned to his hometown, Anren. He controlled the surrounding seven counties and became the local landlords.

There are two warlords and one landlord in a small town. You can imagine Lius position in the small town at that time.

The group map of Lius residence in China National Geographic

The existing residence group of Anren is the Liu family led by Liu Xiang, Liu Wencai and Liu Wenhui and the settlement built by their Dangyu at that time. In the heyday of Lius family development, there were 56 public houses here.

On the way from Chengdu to Anren, grandma talked about her parents and childhood. After 18 years of living with grandma, I heard her mention these for the first time.

Grandmas father was a member of Lius family at that time, and her mother was a resident of Dayi. When she was studying in the Wencai middle school established by Liu Wencai, she was proposed by her parents. After graduating from the middle school, she married Lius family. From this point of view, I guess at that time, the life fate of the local ordinary residents could hardly be separated from the relationship with the Liu family.

On December 20, 1949, the PLA captured Dayi. Sensing the coming fate, grandmas father killed himself with a gun. After that, her family scattered. Grandma changed her mothers surname, when she was 4 years old.

A few years later, in response to the national policy of supporting the northwest, she left home and went to Qinghai. She was secretive about the familys history, so all grandmas impression of her father was only one name and some faint shadows in her childhood memory.

The people under the tree gather and disperse to face their destiny

My mother wrote to let me go back to the county. Her junior high school classmates were teachers in the county. I lived in her classmates home, and I didnt live long. In those years, I have been borrowing from different people and living under others fence, as if I have never had a happy time.

Later, grandmas mother had a friend who happened to go to Qinghai to do business, so she went with grandma. When she was a teenager, grandma ended her life of this family eats, that family lives and returned to her mothers side.

Photos of grandma when she was a child. Grandma showed them to her after a long time

When I was in primary school, I left my grandmas home and went to the city where my parents worked. One night someone knocked on the door. I opened the door and saw grandma standing at the door with a suitcase beside her. She looked dusty and tired, but she smiled at me happily. I rushed to embrace her, and put my face on her down jacket. The touch on the surface of down jacket was cold. Later, I learned that grandma died. She just went to Qinghai to attend the funeral. She said that she specially passed by our house on her way back to give me a surprise.

I was very happy to see grandma at that time. I didnt see the trace of grandmas sadness at all.

Many years later, I watched the TV play please answer 1988, which was very popular at that time. In the play, the heroines grandmother passed away, and the family went back to their hometown to mourn. The heroines father was very indifferent to other relatives, friends and children. Only when he saw his brother came back, did he finally collapse and cry with his brothers and sisters.

At that time, I thought that when grandma saw my mother and me, she would naturally put away her sadness as a daughter, because in front of us, she was the elder who lived longer and always had more ideas.

Grandma spent the happiest childhood with me, but I never thought that grandmas childhood was displaced

Because I like monkey king, grandma always keeps a bundle of golden cudgels at home

It may be a big word to say admiration, but I do admire grandmas short time with her mother and her rich maternal love for her children after she became a mother.

After a new page of history was opened, Lius family was like a net which was smashed. Several important members mentioned earlier, Liu Xiang, led the Sichuan army to join the Anti Japanese War, but failed to leave. He died in Hankou in 1938. Liu Wencai died of illness at the end of 1949. Several years later, the tomb was dug. His residence in Anren was displayed as the exhibition hall of the landlords manor, which was once an important revolutionary education base. One of the exhibits at that time was the collection house, a famous sculpture made by teachers and students of Chuanmei that reflected the exploitation of peasants by landlords. Liu Wenhui changed his political position during the war of liberation. He joined the Communist Party against Jiang and later became Vice Chairman of the new Southwest Military and political Commission and Minister of forestry of China. He died in Beijing in 1976.

Sculpture of rent collection Institute of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

Other people who are not so core but live under the big tree of the family must be more scattered and face their own fate.

After arriving in Anren, we carefully looked at the aerial photos in the magazine and found that grandmas fathers house was not in the Lius mansion group which had been planned as a tourist attraction, but in another place a few blocks away, not far away, but in the administrative division, it seemed to belong to another town TangChang. We drove around the town looking for directions. Finally, I saw the gate of a courtyard by the side of the road.

The gate of the old house is overgrown with weeds

The old house is surrounded by fields and farmhouses. A gate with some old and different architectural styles suddenly appears in these scenes, but it doesnt feel very abrupt. It seems that in the past few decades, the gate has been integrated with the weeds in front of the gate, the fireworks in the surrounding neighborhood, and the motorcycles that have burst through the path.

It seems that it is common for the host to ask strangers to come to the yard. Are you a child of the nursing home of the Tibet Military Region? He asked my grandma, this house is the Conservatory of Tibet Military Region after liberation. These old men and women who lived here at that time want to have a look again.

The duck and dog raised by the people around us are planted with green bamboo, which is very Sichuan

Because its not in the residence, this yard should have been neglected for many years. Most of the bricks and tiles of the old houses have faded, and some of the walls have almost collapsed. The courtyard is very big, but it is blocked by weeds. I can hardly see the whole picture of it. I used to come in and plant vegetables in the open space, but I havent got enough energy in the past two years. Its the only way. The host explained.

A desolation in the yard

I stepped on the grass and walked deep into the yard, trying to imagine what the yard used to look like, but I couldnt imagine it at all. With a little adventure mood, I looked from the broken window to a room with a high roof. The ground was full of abandoned steel pipe building materials. I dont know how many years the rust has been put away. I guess that in more than 50 years after the relocation of the nursing home, the yard was almost deserted.

I feel like the whole house is crumbling

I wanted to go deeper. Grandma stopped me and thought it was too dangerous to go further. We turned around where the weeds had not drowned us, and left the yard.

Its said that things are different from people. Even the things here have become another look, but revisiting the old place still evokes some fragmentary memories of grandma.

Gardenia in grandmas house

A visit back to my former residence is helpful to stock market

In addition to the old houses with the principle of settlement such as the old house of grandmas family, the buildings with Liu Wencai mansion as the core radiation within a certain range are well preserved. The gate of Wencai middle school, where Grandma used to study, is still reserved. Its the same architectural system as Lius residence, except that the brand with the name of the school has been changed to Confucius British American International School.

The gate of the school where Grandma used to study is still there, but the signs are different

We then strolled in the streets of TangChang town. The town is full of leisure and lovely life. In the tourism promotion, Lius manor is called the town where time stops. In fact, the whole Dayi gives people the feeling of time walking slowly.

Streets near old houses

There are many small businesses on both sides of the more prosperous streets, selling local tofu milk, hand woven bamboo baskets and fans, as well as very traditional grocery stores. Some shops are still using the old wooden frame of the glass cabinet, clean and simple. I went away again. I saw an old building with wooden structure. There was moss on the wall. It was a teahouse. There are bamboo tables and chairs in the teahouse. Some local old people are shaking their fans for tea and mahjong.

A puppy we met at the gate of the mansion

Grandma was awakened some memories: when I was a child, there were many such teahouses in the town. My mother also holds me here to meet my cousin who came back from Chengdu Holiday. They brought me food, chatted and amused me. I liked them so much then.

At noon, we casually found a restaurant on the side of the road. Unexpectedly, it was cheap and delicious. As soon as Mao xuewang was on the table, my Sichuan soul was on fire, and I ate several bowls of rice with delicious fried eggs and stir fried wild vegetables.

I cant Stop Praising this good and cheap meal. Sichuan people are so capable. Granny happily agreed.

Before driving back to Chengdu, we passed the gate of grandmas old house again. I asked her how she felt about the revisit.

Grandma stood by the street in front of her childhood home

I dont have much feeling. Its hard to know. But its a little help for me to speculate. Considering that my family used to have so much money, I also said that its going to break up when I speculate. What else is the money I lost when I speculate?

At that time, I was full of thoughts about the historical novels of the Republic of China that I had read before, such as the turbulent times, the ups and downs of fate, love and hate It was a surprise to get the answer.

Author Kaikai, editor Mingzi

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