P! NK satirizes Trumps campaign: if I sold out in five minutes

 P! NK satirizes Trumps campaign: if I sold out in five minutes

According to foreign media reports, singer P! NK taunted Donald Trump on social platforms that there were too few candidates. Despite Trumps hype last Friday about a million people coming to the rally in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, even 19000 seats were not filled. P! NK said that if I sold out in five minutes.

Its reported that P! NK has always disagreed with trump, and often on the social networking site dis. Trump seizes every opportunity for re-election in November, and P! NK should not give up dis during this period. Previously, she met trump because of Freud incident and said cant wait to eliminate you.

In addition to the supporters and some protesters, P! NK, who won three Grammy Awards, mocked trump on the social platform. Even though there were fewer participants than before due to the outbreak, pink released a CNN report clip, and wrote: I think if I can get that ticket within five minutes. P! NK also said that many people dress like event organizers, not voters.

Of course, there are also trump supporters shouting at P! NKs social platform. P! NK responded: my theory is not to hurt people who love you. I never ask fans to come to the concert site. Its not good for anyone. P! NK has a deep understanding of this. Two months ago, she announced that she and her three-year-old son recovered from the new coronavirus infection. After that, she donated US $1 million (about 7.077 million yuan) to the medical staff. At the same time, she criticized Trumps attitude and practice towards the epidemic, hoping that the government would pay attention to the epidemic.

Source: Yang Ming, editor in charge of Netease Entertainment_ NV5736