Trump said that the fewer cases measured, the fewer cases Consultant: he was joking

 Trump said that the fewer cases measured, the fewer cases Consultant: he was joking

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Navarro explained to tapper that it was clearly Trumps joking: come on Jack, you know hes just joking. He also said it was just a relaxed moment to enliven the atmosphere.. In the face of tarpers subsequent questions, Navarro responded with sarcasm, insisting that it was really just a joke..

Trump has said something like reduce testing in the past, the report said. For example, he said in Pennsylvania on May 14 that without testing, there will be fewer cases, but no speech was made at a large-scale event such as a campaign rally. The White House has also repeatedly explained that Trumps comments were just a joke.

Despite Navarros attempt to explain it with a joke, trumps comments undoubtedly left a message for his rival Biden. Biden called the comments intolerable and tweeted in response to speed up detection.. Kate Bedingfield, vice president of Bidens campaign, also accused trump of poor government testing, saying it slowed down the testing just to make the data better.

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Although trump continues to tout the governments epidemic prevention work, it cannot improve the severe situation of the epidemic in the United States. Recently, the epidemic situation in many states in the United States has rebounded, and new confirmed cases in Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, California and other states have reached new highs every day. And White House economic adviser Kudrow said only habit is good, and said trump would not shut down the economy.

Navarro said the U.S. government is preparing materials for a second wave of possible outbreaks in the autumn, but he said he was not saying there would be a second wave.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has 2278373 cases in the United States, and 119959 deaths in total, according to Johns Hopkinss real-time statistics. On the 20th, six staff members in charge of the preparations for Trumps election rally tested positive for the virus, and most of the people participating in the rally did not wear masks. Some experts worried that this might cause a super communicator incident.

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