Chivas 618 sales reached 455 million, an increase of 73.51percent year on year!

 Chivas 618 sales reached 455 million, an increase of 73.51percent year on year!

In this mid year promotion activity, Chivas only took 10 hours to break through last years full day performance, with a total performance growth of 73.51% year-on-year, and the growth rate became the first in the industry!

The cumulative sales volume of single chair category K621 leather functional sofa won the first sales volume of single product category!

The cumulative sales volume of leather storage bed c039 won the first sales volume of category single products!

Mattress category d026 latex spring mattress cumulative sales 18599 pieces!

Massage chair m2050 cumulative sales 3418!

Ranking top 4 in tmall furniture industry, ranking the 618 functional sofa category champion for 9 consecutive years; ranking top 2 in Jingdong furniture industry, ranking the 618 functional sofa category champion for 4 consecutive years!

In this brand gathering and highly competitive home furnishing industry, it has demonstrated a strong brand strength and industry influence, and successfully established Chivas as the leader of home furnishing industry this season.

It can be seen from the past 618 promotion activities and the double 11 and double 12 shopping festivals that each home furnishing product of Chivas has outstanding performance compared with the brand products of the same industry. Every year, all kinds of products can far surpass the products of the same industry with outstanding achievements, and win the first place in sales. It is the so-called great wave of money, Chivas can be recognized by the market and consumers, without its innovative design style, excellent product quality, high cost performance and perfect marketing strategy and service mode. The existence of these factors gives Chivas a strong brand advantage, which is also the fundamental reason why Chivas stands out in the increasingly competitive home furnishing market.

In addition to its own product advantages, Chivas has always adhered to the consumer centered business philosophy of making healthy and comfortable household products, which is also the reason for its continuous improvement of market share. In the era when consumers are more and more rational and pay more and more attention to the quality of life, a good household product should perfectly balance the cost performance. From material selection to technology, it should give consumers the best experience, and the consumers feel happy in body and mind. Chivas is aiming at serving consumers with healthy and comfortable household brands.

Over the years, Chivas has been constantly developing and innovating, focusing on product functions and design. Each product is based on the pain points and personal experience of consumers, and constantly through various preferential activities, in order to offer products to consumers with higher cost performance and better services. Therefore, Chivas has accumulated a large number of fans for the current fans economy Dai succeeded in keeping a firm foothold, expanding the market and creating good sales results.

In this 618 promotion, Chivas is able to create a sales miracle at a faster speed, which is the general trend and deserves its name. At present, the great promotion in 618 is still in full swing. It can be predicted that Chivas will make great achievements with its strong brand strength and meet the love and support of consumers with better performance. For the majority of consumers, under the constant bombardment of various preferential benefits, this is also a rare opportunity to buy good value goods. Chivas will also be waiting for the arrival of every consumer at any time.