Promote the construction of a closer community of common destiny for China and Africa in the United fight against the epidemic

 Promote the construction of a closer community of common destiny for China and Africa in the United fight against the epidemic

Gueimelwe Goisman, executive secretary of the Ministry of international affairs and cooperation of Botswana, said that since the outbreak of the outbreak, the Botswana government has not only obtained assistance from China in terms of medical equipment and protective materials, but also learned from the rich experience of handling the epidemic. The two countries have launched a number of cooperation in the field of health. China has helped Botswana raise the level of public health care. Botswana is looking forward to expanding medical cooperation in Bohai China and supporting the creation of a non China Health and health community.

Kuns MWAB, an expert in the field of health in Zambia, said that China actively provides material support and shares anti epidemic experience to countries in need, including African countries, and is the country that makes the most efforts to promote international anti epidemic cooperation. As the epidemic continues to spread, China, together with African countries, tells the international community through practical actions that unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons to defeat the epidemic.

The Senegalese health expert Momar Ondo said that at the time of the spread of the epidemic in Africa, Chinas proposal to build a China Africa health community is particularly important. Since the resumption of diplomatic relations between Serbia and China in 2005, the field of health has been a key area of cooperation between the two countries. After the outbreak, China continued to support Senegal in its fight against the epidemic, and bilateral relations, including health cooperation, have been further consolidated and strengthened in solidarity against the epidemic.

Kalilu Diarra, a health expert in Mali, said that the first batch of anti epidemic materials donated by China had arrived before Malis first new crown case was confirmed, which was crucial for Mali, a landlocked African country with a very fragile public health care system, to cope with the epidemic.

Frederick kongro, a China research expert at Joaquin Chissano University in Mozambique, said that by uniting against the epidemic, the relationship between African countries and China has been further strengthened. At the special summit of China Africa solidarity against the epidemic, China actively responded to African countries demands for fighting the epidemic and achieving sustainable development. Once again, China has proved by its actions that it is a trustworthy friend of African countries.

Ismail Buchanan, a senior lecturer in the Department of political science at the University of Rwanda, said the epidemic continued to spread in Africa, and Chinas support injected hope into African countries struggling with the virus. China not only provides African countries with urgently needed materials and experience to fight the epidemic, but also attaches great importance to helping African countries to strengthen their capacity-building in response to such crises, which fully shows that China attaches great importance to the brotherly relationship between China and Africa.

Fatima Zadi, an expert on African affairs in Libya, said that China was the first country to provide anti epidemic support to Africa, and once again proved by practical actions that its support to African countries was selfless and unconditional. Chinas support is not only reflected in the humanitarian level, but also in helping African countries to improve their ability to cope with major public health crises and achieve sustainable development.

Hassan Schori, a political science professor at the University of double Nile in Sudan, believes that Chinas support to African countries in fighting the epidemic is not only reflected in material assistance, experience sharing, and the construction of centers for Disease Control and prevention, but also focused on debt relief, free trade zone construction, connectivity, industrial chain and supply chain construction, which are closely related to the sustainable development of African countries Support in the field of peoples livelihood will surely push Africa China relations to a new level in the post epidemic era.