Trump dismissed Venezuelas independent president as wanting to see Maduro

 Trump dismissed Venezuelas independent president as wanting to see Maduro

I may consider Maduro is willing to meet. Ive never opposed meetings. You know, Ive rarely opposed meetings. . Trump said, I always say that there is no loss in meetings. But now Ive turned them down.

Axios reported that if trump agreed to meet with Maduro, it would completely subvert the US governments policy towards Venezuela. Senior government officials, including Vice President burns and Secretary of state pompeio, have invested heavily in supporting guaido.

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Trump was not enthusiastic about his governments decision to support independent president Guido, the report said. Asked if he regretted listening to Boltons advice to guaido, trump said, I can deal with these things whether I have any suggestions or not, but I am very firmly opposed to what is happening in Venezuela..

Despite the support of the United States and dozens of other countries, guaido has failed to seize control of the Venezuelan government. Trump said he didnt have much confidence in guaido. Guaido is recognized as the President, I dont necessarily agree with it. Some like the decision, others dont. I have no opinion, you know, I dont think it makes any sense. .

According to the analysis of Capitol Hill, Trumps comments on Maduro seem to weaken his governments hard line towards Venezuela. In March, the U.S. Justice Department filed multiple charges against Maduro and 13 other Venezuelan officials, including drug terrorism.

Before Trumps comments, Boltons new book Memoirs of the White House also revealed Trumps attitude towards Venezuela. Trump has been hesitant since the beginning to recognize guaido as a self-sustaining president, according to the excerpt.

According to Boltons new book, trump calls Guido as weak as a child, while Maduro is tough.. Trump also described guaido as Venezuelas Berto oroque.. He is a Democratic presidential candidate and former congressman. When he retired, trump used to evaluate him as a dog.

In an interview with Axios, trump criticized Bolton as a madman and said he might be the dumbest man on earth because he has always supported the Iraq war.

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