Musk: Tesla battery day and shareholders meeting will be postponed

 Musk: Tesla battery day and shareholders meeting will be postponed

According to foreign media reports, the company is expected to release details of its million mile battery at the battery day event. It is reported that this kind of battery is a lithium-ion battery, using a new generation of single crystal nmc532 cathode and a new advanced electrolyte, which can make the electric vehicle drive for 1 million miles continuously.

Earlier, foreign media reported that Teslas million mile battery will be launched in China first, and then in other markets such as North America. It is reported that the new battery is produced by the company in cooperation with Ningde times, a famous battery supplier.

According to foreign media, Tesla will launch the new battery in China first because it plans to launch a new model 3 with a lower cost and longer life battery in China by the end of this year or early next year.

In May, foreign media reported that Tesla had improved its new million mile battery by reducing cobalt and increasing the energy density of the battery, which may reduce the cost of the battery.

In response to a question about whether the postponement of the general meeting of shareholders would affect battery day, musk said the two events could be held at the same time and possibly in Fremont, California.

Source: Technical Web Editor in charge: Xue Jingyu_ NBJS10393