China Sports Daily: CBA full-scale replay adds confidence to fight the epidemic

 China Sports Daily: CBA full-scale replay adds confidence to fight the epidemic

In the game, we saw the link of mourning for the dead and paying homage to the heroes, the representatives of zhangjiacheng and Qingdao anti epidemic heroes, Li Yongchun, who loved basketball, the players and coaches who worked hard for the game, and the fans interaction with the field through high-tech means It can be said that it is not easy for CBA to resume successfully. In this way, the efforts of the athletes, coaches, referees, all staff and every worker who has selflessly contributed to it are gathered.

As the first national large-scale sports event to be restarted in China, the return of CBA has a profound strategic significance for comprehensively promoting the return to work and production and restoring the order of life. Its social impact has gone beyond basketball itself. CBA is using a positive and healthy image to transmit positive energy, and also through basketball, to interpret the sports spirit of tenacious struggle, unity and cooperation, fearlessness of strong hands and never give up u3002

As we all know, from the beginning of the epidemic, sports have been playing an important role in the process of fighting against the epidemic. In the international arena, Chinese athletes have worked hard and reported frequently, which has greatly inspired the National Peoples belief of victory over the epidemic; in the days when the masses live at home, sports has become a popular project, which is indispensable to enhance physical fitness and enrich spiritual life.

With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and the concerted efforts of all sectors of society, CBA heats up the war, which is a tribute to the people of the whole country who are united in fighting the epidemic. Through the CBA rematch, we not only see the unique charm of sports, but also realize the responsibility and responsibility of sports. With its unique value, sports continue to inject a strong force into the National Peoples fight against the epidemic and increase their confidence in winning.

Source: China sports daily Author: Hu Jianhua editor in charge: Yang Jiankun_ NS4215