Does Dimi confirm that close contact with more than 10 players can be resumed as scheduled

 Does Dimi confirm that close contact with more than 10 players can be resumed as scheduled

On June 10, Dimitrov was invited from the United States to Serbia to participate in Djokovics Adria tour. The first leg of the performance match is arranged in Djokovics hometown Belgrade, with 8 players including Djokovic, Tim, zvilev, Dimitrov, dezuh, lajokovic, troiki and krajinovic.

Before and after the performance match, Djokovic, Dimitrov and others also organized a football match. After the match, they went to the nightclub to have a Carnival without any social distance restrictions. Whether its Belgrade or Zadar, which was forced to cancel the final yesterday, there are few thousands of spectators wearing masks, and most of the fans didnt comply with the organizers requirement to keep a social distance of one meter.

There are different voices in the tennis world about the series of performances organized by Djokovic. I saw a couple of pictures of Djokovic shaking hands with everyone, he said. How can it be? Where in the world is that allowed now?

On the day of arrival in Belgrade on June 10, Dimitrovs nucleic acid was negative. In the past two weeks, Dimitrov has traveled to Serbia, Bulgaria and Croatia. It is not clear where he was infected.

Dimitrov also became Monacos 100th new crown confirmed case and the first new patient in the past two weeks after his diagnosis was announced at his home in Monaco early this morning.

Over the past two weeks, Dimitrov has had direct or indirect contact with more than 20 players, including Djokovic, Tim and zvilev, top 10 players, who are now at high risk. Whats more, they didnt keep a certain social distance and take corresponding protective measures when they trained, competed and reveled together.

After attending the Belgrade station, Dimitrov made a short round trip to Bulgaria, Djokovic, zvilev and others directly transferred to Zadar, Croatia. In addition to Djokovic and other players, there are also players such as Kachanov, churrich and Cilic who have organized a basketball game before the game.

Tim, who is now the third ranked player in the world, went to nice, France, to participate in the UTS performance competition after playing in Belgrade. The UTS team includes 10 players including Tim, sisypus, berettini, Goffin, brown, Gasquet, ariasim, parry, Lopez and Puy.

After arriving in France, Tim had a negative nucleic acid test. Yesterdays first game, Tim lost to host player Gasquet. According to the UTS performance schedule, Tim will play another top 10 player, sisypus, today.

At the end of March, Brazils 20-year-old new star Verde was confirmed as the first professional tennis player to be confirmed. No more players were confirmed after the tour, and ATP and WTA have plans to restart the season. Last week, ATP announced plans to restart the season, starting with the Washington open on August 14, followed by the Cincinnati Masters and the US Open.

With Dimitrovs diagnosis, the restart of the tour was overshadowed. Once there is a cross infection, the mens tennis will suffer a major blow, tour restart plan is likely to be postponed again.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Lu Ting_ NS5242